Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Kitten Eating a Strawberry

Cats are carnivores. They mainly eat meat. But everyone has a story about a cat they knew who ate melons, or corn, or something else that cats normally don't eat. This kitten is one of those weird cats, but he's not alone! Yeah, his brother like a bite of that strawberry, too. There's something very appealing about watching these cats nom on a bit of nature's candy. (via Digg)


Barbwire said...

We had a red tabby who loved cantaloupe so much he would eat through the rind if I left one on the counter. Another cat was crazy about peas. If he was outside and smelled peas cooking (even with all windows shut), he would come running and eagerly await his treat.

Miss Cellania said...

My family once had a cat who liked raw potatoes. But she didn't like the peels! We'd find a pile of tiny chewed potato peelings on the floor beside a mostly-eaten potato.