Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Tears Research. A few odd studies about lachrymal glands -human and animal.

The GOP Has Done the Impossible: Make Tax Cuts Unpopular. The only people left that want the current bill are millionaire political donors. (via Boing Boing)

One Night in the Emergency Department. On the evening of October 1, Dr. Kevin Menes and his staff treated 215 victims of gunshot wounds in Las Vegas.  (via Metafilter)

The German Who Made John Gotti the Most Powerful Mobster in New York. Hitman Joe Watts parlayed his insider knowledge into both money and respect.

Why Boaty McBoatface is the Meme that Just Won’t Die. The good news is that it may mean the end of naming polls.

The False Cheer of Office Parties Can’t Cure the Loneliness Epidemic. In other words, don't rely on your workplace for long-lasting friendships.

Inside Connecticut’s Secret Museum of Retro-Future Oddities. The Space Age Museum has aliens, robots, rockets, and spaceships that you'll only see online, as the museum is not open to the public.

American Employers's Mindless Obsession with College Degrees. Requiring one is a shortcut for eliminating job candidates more than a necessary career qualification.

Last year, Tye Lombardi made a Chestburster Turkey for Thanksgiving, and was told to never do that again. She said okay, and then developed a recipe for Facehugger Feast Roasted Chicken. Behold the horror. 

Why a tour guide at Disney World decided to become a character instead. Warning: grab a hankie. (via Metafilter

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gwdMaine said...

Employment in the U.S. is screwed up and has never
recovered from 2009. Workplace socializing/romances
have always been somewhat problematic, but now lots
of people are doing jobs formerly done by 2-3 people.
Employers have made a conscious decision to keep it
that way. If you were lonely before all this, what
chance to improve have you got now?

Which leads directly to the second problem: Nothing
pi$$es me off more than to see jobs advertised as
entry level with "Bachelor's Degree required, Master's
preferred." And in my line, I've seen plenty. Give.
Me. A. Break.