Thursday, August 03, 2017

Dear Diary

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gwdMaine said...

Lots of good reads today Miss C. Thanks.

I look forward to Bulwer-Lytton every year. This
year I had to read every entry to find my favorite,
the last one:

"Penile implant recipient negotiates trade deal with
China," roared the headline, as President Clovis Harding
sighed, reminded for the fortieth time in less than a
week that trusting the lowest bidder to shred his medical
records had been a tremendous boner.

-- For a minute there I thought I'd just read that in
the Washington Post.

Regarding social media feeds, everyone who has one gets
two things: 1) What they think you want to see, and
2) What they want you to see. I'll leave it up to to
determine who "they" are.

Finally, off topic, this morning I'm pretty sure I saw
who you'll be cheering and maybe voting for this November:

Amy McGrath for Congress

We'll see about that. Have a good day!