Friday, July 21, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Food and Drink Specials Served Up for the San Diego Comic Con.

My ‘Just In Case’ Inheritance. Indians invest in jewelry for their daughters as a lifelong safety net.

We Are Awful at Detecting Manipulated Photos. Test your altered image detecting abilities here. (via Daily of the Day)

Trump's 2020 Campaign Has Already Paid Out $600K—to Trump.

In the 18th century, Britain shipped around 50,000 prison inmates to the American colonies to do hard labor. James Dalton was sent multiple times for theft, and once succeeded in leading a mutiny aboard the prison ship.

10 Surprising Ways to Lose Your Mind. Mental disorders can be triggered by a wide variety of conditions.

How a Group of ’70s Radicals Tried (and Failed) to Invade Disneyland. Four hundred police were waiting for the paltry few hundred Yippies that showed up.

Rocket Launches Look Even Cooler From Space. A satellite recorded images of a Soyuz launch on July 14.

How Synthetic Fabrics Inspired a Cultural Revolution. Few people remember how much time laundry and ironing used to take.

Ancient ruins keep being 'discovered.' Were they ever lost?


gwdMaine said...

Hi Miss C!

Remember the good old days when there were only
3 Stooges in America?

Happy Friday.

Miss Cellania said...

happy Friday, gwdMaine !

Bill Scheitzach said...

Scored eight out of ten in the detection of digital fakery test....Hooray for me!!