Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Dune Tunes: Singing Sand Dunes. Some places make loud sounds with nothing but sand.

Daryle Lamont Jenkins is using facts to go after the far-right fringe. Check out One People's Project. (via Metafilter

9 of the Strangest and Loveliest Dioramas You'll Ever See. They're all on display to the public, in case you want to see the real thing.

Why Space Travel Can Be Absolutely Disgusting. Lack of gravity makes it hard to keep up with our waste products.

Metal music still has an unaddressed Nazi problem. Even as just a gimmick to sell music, Nazi motifs and imagery signal that these beliefs are okay, or even cool.

The Hotline Hollywood Calls for Science Advice. Even if there's only one word changed, it's nice to have real scientists involved in movies.

The Slave Who Outwitted George Washington. Ona Judge was the one he never caught.

Tennessee Rep Who Pressured Mistress to Have Abortion Votes for Abortion Ban. 

Two sisters, one house, and a mystery. Lynda and Sheryl Waldman became recluses when their family fell apart.

The Best Breakfast Spot in All 50 States.

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