Friday, March 03, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Secret Origins of 7 Extremely Important Actions. From the fist bump to air quotes. 

The Incredible Legacy of Susan La Flesche, the First Native American to Earn a Medical Degree. She faced racism outside her tribe, and misogyny inside it.

Why are these turkeys circling a dead cat? It looks like some weird funeral rite.

How to stay safe on public Wi-Fi. A few tweaks to your habits will help.

The Curse of the Bahia Emerald. The 752-pound stone currently has no rightful owner.

The State of Trump's State Department. Career foreign policy experts and diplomats -and everyone else- are waiting for the other shoe to drop. (via Metafilter)  

Pheasant Island Is Sometimes In France, Sometimes In Spain. The island has been changing hands regularly for over 300 years.

The Tragedy of Newcomb Mott, Who Thought He Could Walk Into Soviet Russia. He just wanted his passport stamped, but he never got out.

Why you should never read a parenting book. They all have ways of making you feel like a failure.

8 Classic Internet Links You Should Know. They come back around every now and then.

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