Monday, March 20, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Mythconceptions About Animals. Learn the real story behind them.

Why Chess Fans Hate the Movies. Hollywood can't ever seem to get the game right.

Secret Crime-Fighter Revealed to Be 1930s Physicist. William Souder went by "Detective X" in his forensic work for the FBI, the Secret Service, and other agencies.

The 2017 Name Of The Year Bracket. Keep up with the tournament progression, and cast your votes, at the Name of the Year website. (via Deadspin)

Josh and Hannah Brown of Frankfort, Kentucky, remodeled their basement to be a replica of the Haunted Mansion attraction at Disney's Magic Kingdom! See more pictures in their Facebook album. (via Laughing Squid

9 Famous Puppeteers of the 20th Century. They brought the art into the television age.

Ranking the Most Dangerous Countries for American Tourists.

51 Pictures That Are Guaranteed To Make Every Teacher Laugh.

The Best Free Throw Line Distractions Throughout NCAA History. 

What America Could Be Losing Out On Because Of The Proposed Trump Budget Cuts. Then there's the food programs. Trump’s budget would cut funding for Appalachia — and his allies in coal country are livid. Who will lose if the US National Endowment for the Arts is eliminated? Did someone talk about jobs? Trump’s Budget Could Cut 200,000 Federal Jobs.


xoxoxoBruce said...

I wonder why Uncle John threw, “Each year, rice blast fungus destroys enough rice to feed 60 million people”, in a paragraph about spiders having 8 legs?

Miss Cellania said...

Oh dear. Uncle John throws in random facts in the printed books. I have to delete many of them when I transcribe them to html. I missed that one, but thanks for finding it -fixed now!

gwdMaine said...

Really? That would be the "irresistible bits of trivia and
obscure yet fascinating facts" part of Uncle John?

I think it's cool and that you should leave them in. . . .

Ken D said...

RE Uncle John's ants: I wonder about Boric Acid powder. It works great for Roaches (RoachPrufe)