Monday, April 23, 2007

Latest Links

Dancing Cows.

YesButNoButYes is having a random drawing for five classic motown CDs! No skills neccessary. See this post for how to enter.

You know that thing about women talking more than men? It’s not true. I knew that.

Restore your virginity online with reVirginizer!

Slideshow of celebrities who have appeared on Sesame Street.

Comment thread of the week.

You’ve heard the term, “Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten”? The Good Reverend has worked that out mathematically.

Gelli Baff turns a normal bath into a pool of brightly-colored gelatinous goop.

The Bronx Zoo is experimenting with turning poop into fertilizer. No, not just animal poop, human, too!

Suicide Food is an alarming term referring to advertising in which an animal acts as though they wish to be eaten. It’s also the name of a blog devoted to such depictions.

Homeless. Australian documentary director Trevor Graham filmed a day in the life of a homeless person in each of six cities: Sydney, New York, Delhi, Tokyo, Jakarta, and London. The resulting stories are broken into many parts (which you can select individually). You may be surprised at the many ways people can find themselves without a home.

The Supreme Court last week upheld a ban against late-term abortions. Here are some other medical procedures that should be banned for moral reasons.

Saturday Morning Campaign 2008.

What’s Bush been doing this week?

An average of 81 people die by gun every day in the US. The New York Times has a graphic showing the breakdown of those deaths by age, sex, race, and cause.

How price supports are making poor people fat.

The Plot Against the First Amendment.

At Miss Cellania, you might enjoy reading about cars.

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