Thursday, December 09, 2021

Oh Come All Ye Faithful by the Jingle Cats

Silly, yes, but stick with it at least until you see the cat with the harmonica. (via b3ta)

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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Playing the French Horn with his Feet

Felix Klieser was born without arms. He uses his feet for everything, including his chosen profession -playing the French horn. He fell in love with the sound of the horn when he was just a toddler and has practiced diligently ever since. Klieser is now Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s artist in residence. He will perform with the British orchestra for the next two years at least. Klieser holds his horn on a tripod and does the keys with his left foot. He says he can't imagine how others do it with hands. (via Laughing Squid

Klieser is described in various biographies as a German professional hornist. I'm sure that's the correct term, but it just sounds wrong.


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Water Balloon Game

This looks like fun! I'll have to remember this for some time the girls are home. In warmer weather, of course. (via TYWKIWDBI)


In which we learn some fake etymology. If something might make sense to someone, you can bet someone will "learn" it somewhere. This comic is from David Malki! at Wondermark.

Four Meal Your

Jingle Bells


Sung by YouTube animals stars of the 2010s.

Miss Cellania's Links

Why is There a Shortage of Christmas Trees? Curiously, the reason behind the shortage has nothing to do with the pandemic or with supply chain issues. (via Metafilter)

Soccer Team Gets Puppies Adopted.

Secondhand IKEA Furniture Can Bring in Big Bucks. But only if they are old and rare. (via Nag on the Lake

The First Woman to be Executed by Electric Chair. Martha Place was not a good stepmother. (via Strange Company

Horton the Justice hears a… Who? The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

450 Years of American House Styles. (via Bored Panda)

You're Not Gonna Believe What Else Viagra Can Do. (via Damn Interesting

Infidel753 explains the evolutionary pressures on the covid-19 viruses.

People Love to Pet This Dog in Prague. I guess he's a good boy. (via reddit)

A blast from the past (2014): 8 Parasites that Create Zombie Animals.

Excuse Me

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The Scented Marker Challenge

Tommy Edison takes a challenge: identify the colors of markers by their smell. Edison has been blind since birth, so he only knows colors by what he's heard about them. Then, because he's about my age, he did not grow up smelling Mr. Sketch markers, so he's not used to the smells of each color like younger people are. How will he do guessing each color? (via Viral Viral Videos)

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Tuesday, December 07, 2021


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Chonk Chart

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Edge Cake

In which Emily embodies every ambiguous birth scenario there is, until someone comes up with another one. This comic is from Randall Munroe at xkcd.

A Letter

Miss Drumsticks Competition

Yellville, Arkansas, hosts the annual Turkey Trot Festival in October. As is usual with such festivals, they have a Miss Turkey Trot beauty pageant. In this pageant, there's a subcategory for the Miss Drumsticks title, which is bestowed by judging only the contestants' bottom half. Their "drumsticks," as it were. See some pictures of the Miss Drumsticks pageant of 1953 at Weird Universe. (via Nag on the Lake)

Fun With Dates

No, not that kind of date. Sadly, not the other kind, either.  

In a links list last week, I made the observation that the date is a palindrome, and all dates from December first until the ninth are palindromes. Yes, that is dependent on how you write the date. I write it the simplest American way, like 12/1/21. Your mileage may vary. I also mentioned that this won't happen again for a long time. I meant an entire nine-day string of palindromic dates. There are other days that are palindromes.

William Rocket, who uses zeroes in dates, pointed out that 12/02/2021 was also a palindrome even when you add the extra numbers, but he would read it as last February 12th. He's not American.

Bicycle Bill alerted us out that 12/11/21 is also a palindrome, which gives us a coda after the consecutive string. Another will be on Groundhog Day, 2/2/22, which is also a rare string of identical digits. Rare? It happens twice that month, because there's also 2/22/22! 

After that, we should see two palindromic dates per year — for example, 3/2/23 and 3/22/23; 4/2/24 and 4/22/24; and so on until 2030.
Kolo Jezdec noted that we have another palindromic date before this year is over, on 12/22/21.

Use that information as you please. It will probably confuse people.

Miss Cellania's Links

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Finale Reveals Source of Zombie Outbreak. And other spoilers.

Remains of 200,000-year-old Bedding Discovered. It was cleverly constructed to repel insects. (via Strange Company

Utah Makes Welfare So Hard to Get, Some Feel They Must Join the LDS Church to Get Aid.  (via Digg)  

Stretch Armstrong: An Oral History of the Doll You Loved to Tear Apart. The article is NSFW due to an image of a rare Stretch Armstrong doll that some might call "anatomically correct," although most would call that a stretch.

Hawkeye Is More Groundbreaking Than People Realize. (via reddit)

A 14-year-old girl runs away to avoid being sold into marriage. The police arrested her for running away and wasting the money spent on the wedding celebration. (via Fark

Montreal Comiccon: Holiday Edition Cosplayers. Where else would you see Superman in a Christmas sweater or Santa with a lightsaber?

Chemistry Professor Caught Breaking Bad. (via Real Clear Science

The Final Public Execution by Guillotine. On June 17, 1939, at least 600 hundred people gathered at 4 AM to watch the execution by guillotine of convicted serial killer Eugen Weidmann in Versailles.

A blast from the past (2014): 7 Great Places with Horrifying Names.


And on a personal note, Gothgrrl gets to eat this week.

The Gift

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