Saturday, February 16, 2019

Networking Advice

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How To Keep Your Goldfish Alive For 15 Years

Goldfish should live around 15 years with proper care. The problem is that people who keep fish in their homes don't know how to  provide optimum conditions for a pet fish. Science Insider has some tips on how to care for goldfish so that they will live a long and healthy life.

Crime Boyz

Somehow I have the idea that this new crime series isn't going very far. It's the latest comic from Alex Culang and Raynato Castro at Buttersafe.



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Solid Potato Salad

I think I posted this before, but it was in black and white. The Ross Sisters perform in 1944.

Tweet of the Day

A future star and a world-class outfield. (Thanks, WTM!)

Friday, February 15, 2019

That's a Good Dog

The US Government's $350 Million Doomsday Plane

In the event of a nuclear war, or other apocalyptic event, the US government has a plane ready to stay aloft up to a week, carrying government officials, high-level Pentagon brass, a flight  crew, and some very lucky but possibly unnecessary journalists.


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It's the Thought That Counts

She said she wanted tulips for Valentines Day; he was sleepy and thought she said turnips. So Allan Harris of Hartford, Kentucky, went above and beyond the call of duty and made sure his wife Nina got a whole bucket of turnips as a token of his love, presented in a special Valentine bucket. Nina was confused at first, but appreciated Allan's efforts. She later received tulips as well, plus a balloon. (via Metafilter

Cleaning House

If it sparks despair instead of joy, if it doesn't work, if it makes the world a worse place, get rid of it! This comic is from Tommy Siegel.

Wedding Place Cards

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Wild Frolicking Adventures of Informational Education

Bill Wurtz usually makes nonsensical music videos, but this time he's gifted us with an informational trivia video. It's still pretty nonsensical, but I learned more about Greenland than I ever knew before. (via Digg)

Miss Cellania's Links

Rare Black Leopard Photographed in Africa. See more pictures of the black leopard in Will Burrard-Lucas' Instagram gallery. (via The Root)

Trump’s DHS Guts Task Forces Protecting Elections From Foreign Meddling.

True West: Searching for the Familiar in Early Photos of L.A. and San Francisco. Yes, there are plenty of pictures.

People don't need words to vocalize emotions. Researchers have catalogued wordless vocalizations that convey emotion in a weirdly satisfying interactive map. (via Metafilter)

Why Misinformation Is About Who You Trust, Not What You Think.

A Beautiful Golden Retriever and His Beloved Food Dispensing Human Pose Together in Adorable Photos.

True to form, Trump finds a way to stiff contractors (again).

Artist Uses Digital Manipulation To Show How Animals Act When People Are Not Watching.

Making a Menger sponge in stained glass. Making stained glass is more complicated than you thought, but ultimately very satisfying.

A blast from the past (2008): 6 Founding Members of the Internet Zoo.

Lucas The Spider in I'm Starving

The last time we saw Lucas the Spider, it was right before Christmas, and he had made a new friend. The fly had one request:"Don't eat me!" Lucas wouldn't do that, but he does want to share food with his buddy the fly. In this video, they go over their choices of food available in the house. (via Tastefully Offensive)

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Show You Care

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Accordion Repo Man

The weirdest job you ever had is no match for what Weird Al Yankovic used to do when he was young. But then, this is Weird Al, so being an accordion repo man may not have been his weirdest job. Still, it was weird enough for him to imagine Accordion Repo Man as an action hero in a movie. A very weird movie. (via Laughing Squid)


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