Monday, April 22, 2019

Miss Cellania's Links

Benjamin Franklin’s Secret Rendezvous at Notre Dame.  He was contacted by a possible spy. (via Strange Company)

Big Cats in Britain? There have been 155 big cat sightings reported to authorities in the past three years alone! (via Boing Boing)

A History of Racial Injustice. Presented as a calendar of historical news. (via Everlasting Blort

How One of America’s Biggest Pastors Became a Drug Runner for a Mexican Cartel. (via Digg)

A Brief History of Cooties.

The question was posed to Askreddit, "Parents of reddit, what's the funniest reason you've been called into school to collect your child?" Buzzfeed has a list of the 19 funniest stories, and you can read the entire reddit thread here.

What Great White Sharks Are Afraid Of.

London Sewers Clogged with ...Concrete! (via Gizmodo)

Trying out the new inversion table.   

Noam Chomsky on the Perils of Depending on Mueller Report to Defeat Trump. (via Boing Boing)

A blast from the past (2008): 6 Utterly Loyal Dogs.

Spot the Difference

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Sun City

A 1985 collaboration by dozens of musical artists to protest apartheid in South Africa. You can read the story of Steven Van Zandt's project Sun City at Wikipedia. If you are young, you'll want to learn about apartheid, too. The song never got much airplay due to the mixing of genres and the criticism of President Reagan's policies, but it was a favorite of mine.

Tweet of the Day

Franklin Hardy managed to pull us in several directions emotionally with one Tweet. And how did the dog feel about this misadventure? This response may have pegged it best.

You can read the entire Twitter thread here. (via Metafilter)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

After Easter Sale

The Photography Pioneer Who Faked His Own Death

In the 1830s, several people independently figured out how to capture images permanently -which we call photography. Hippolyte Bayard did it in France, but got very little notice. Here's his story, including how he produced the first staged fake photo, in which he showed his own dead body. (via Digg)  

John Wayne as The Easter Bunny

This was on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. (via Weird Vintage)


(via Fark)

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Oh, Okay

To-Do List

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Respect is Coming

Elmo has some words of wisdom for Cersei and Tyrion about respect and listening. Will it work? Ha! (via Laughing Squid)

And here they are, meeting their Muppet doubles.


It was just yesterday that I was wondering if a dumb but funny video was good enough to post at Neatorama. There's nothing wrong with a simple laugh, and it can make the world a little better for someone who needs it right now. And if you have someone like that close to you, all the better. It's the latest comic from Lunarbaboon. This one's for hearsetrax.

Fishing License

(via The Chive)

What is Consciousness?

If you want some deep thoughts about consciousness and what it means to be conscious, consider the activity of dreaming. Our mind does not control our thoughts, but our brain comes up with plenty of them. (via Nag on the Lake)

Easter Bunny

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The Simpsons Welcome their New Corporate Overlords

Your company has been bought. What do you do? You make the best of it, at least until they let you go or make life so miserable that you leave. But when you're The Simpsons, you can inject a little snark behind the smiles. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Friday, April 19, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt

Sadly, that's the way these things go these days. (via Bad Newspaper)

The Butt Tuba and Other Medieval Memes

This animated TED-Ed lesson from Michelle Brown looks at weird images that we know from medieval art and particularly from the doodles of monks copying and illuminating manuscripts by hand. Certain ideas are found over and over, so they must have some meaning. We know the meaning behind some, but not others. Could it be possible that one person drew a funny image, and others laughed and drew it also, until it became ubiquitous? Happens every day on the internet. You would imagine the medieval version would just be slower.  (via Laughing Squid)


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If You're Happy and You Know It, Say Meow

Two Norwegians have a sing-along with their cat. To be more precise, the cat is yammering "Are we there yet?" every ten seconds, so the humans decided to work around it. (via Digg)