Sunday, September 08, 2019

Why Being Skinny Used to Be Easier

We all know that obesity is a bigger problem in America than it used to be. The surprising thing is that once you control for individual behavior, even people who have the same level of diet and exercise now as comparable people in the 1980s are bigger! The Atlantic looks at possible environmental factors that are beyond an individual's control. However, if we can pinpoint what's causing this phenomenon, we may be able to battle it collectively. (via Digg)


Gelvan Tullibole 3rd said...

The answer is Wheat.
It has been cross bred with many other grasses to increase the yield and gluten so that fluffy cakes and bread use less but cost the same. It has also made Wheat into a poison and an addictive substance. and others.
I stopped eating wheat and on the fourth day woke up feeling good.
Four weeks later I had to buy smaller trousers and six weeks after that I went down another size then another. Fortunately I stabilised before I ran out of money.

SnowMan said...

I blame meteors. They increase the mass of the Earth, which causes Earth to be more attracted to me. ;-)