Thursday, June 06, 2019

The Typewriter

Jerry Lewis in a scene from the 1963 movie Who's Minding the Store. The song is "The Typewriter Song" by Leroy Anderson.


Bicycle Bill said...
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Bicycle Bill said...

Google "typewriter song + Boston Pops".  As expected, one of the results is a video of the Boston Pops Orchestra performing the song.

Aha!!  But here's where it gets fun.  Composer Leroy Anderson is summoned to the podium by — who else? — the legendary Arthur "Pops" Fiedler himself, who surrenders the baton to him and takes Anderson's place as a percussionist playing the 'carriage return' (actually, a g├╝iro, a Latin American instrument consisting of an open-ended, hollow gourd with parallel notches) during the piece.

Cud and paste the following link, then watch and enjoy!!