Monday, June 17, 2019

Swimsuit Weather

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WilliamRocket said...

But actually, they both appear to have the sort of bodies wanted for summer.
A more realistic scene would be some tubby women (I didn't make this sexist, it already was) sweating like the fat pigs they are, trying .. and failing ,, to break ground, in an effort to dig up a body such as the two slim Jim inas have.
Just let it go, William, just let the joke be .... but it's like they've used the word you're in a possessive sense !

Anonymous said...

One summer I worked with my uncle who was a caretaker for
several small cemeteries in Ireland, I helped dig a couple of graves.
The soil there is VERY rocky. That was by far the most labor intensive
work I have ever done, and I'm a lifelong steel worker.