Tuesday, June 18, 2019



Gelvan Tullibole 3rd said...

What wierd mathematics is this?
A 1/2 inch spanner is 13mm so putting a coin in would make it fit a 12mm nut.
Done it many times back when we had AF, BSF and Whitworth spanners to deal with.

Anonymous said...

In the picture it is a 14mm wrench?

WilliamRocket said...

You have to laugh !
Wrong maths, wrong spanner !
And here's some logic for you, if you have a vehicle not made in the USA, you should buy a set of metric spanners and sockets.
I live in New Zealand, where decades ago we had weird import shit that meant we pretty much couldn't buy new cars unless we were a young Bill Gates (insert your favourite Richie Rich) AND nearly every car we had back then was British, Australian or American, so we had a national fleet of mainly old cars, and hence, growing up we had to fix those bangers a lot, just to keep them on the road, so us young fellas all had imperial spanners and sockets.
By the 80s they had relaxed those import rules and we were getting a lot of Japanese second hand cars, so we all went out and bought metric tools.
These days my own choice in cars is Swedish for the luxury and Italian for the WHEE around corners, and because I like to up tune them I tinker a lot, so I haven't needed an imperial tool in my garage for about 3 decades.
Get stuck in the past if you want, but why would you want to ?
I love internal combustion engines, especially petrol (and yes, it's called petrol not gas, because gas is a state of being) but do you know, Ireland is going to ban petrol and diesel vehicles in 2035 !
Every new vehicle will be electric !
The past is where horses pulled carts.
The past is where a 9/16th of a 1/12th of a 1/3 of a yard spanner lives, not here where it's 2020 in a few minutes.
AND ... math ? really ? you use our words but you change the fuck out of them ?
It's maths, or mathematics, FFS.
And HERB as in hospital, not ERB is in 'ospital, bitches.