Thursday, June 20, 2019

Polar Bear Encounter

The Arctic equivalent of a shark cage is a steel box with strong glass. Wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan used one to protect himself while getting up close and personal with a polar bear. The polar bear is curious, then furious because she can't figure out how to get this lunch box open. This clip is from the BBC Earth series Polar Bear Family and Me. This is one rare case in which the YouTube comments are gold.
Polar bear goes away and 5 minutes later comes with a wrench

"I'm coming buddy!!! Just hang in there, I'll get you out in a sec"

Typical canned food. Too hard to open, not worth it. I feel you bro.

That Bear just wanted five dollars for cleaning the glass.

"When your snack gets stuck in the vending machine."

(via Boing Boing)

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Chris said...

I had never considered a polar bear overturning the cage. Oh, well, polar bear food I guess. I remember a documentary on this soon after the first polar bear cage was made and used. A true cage - bars only, no plexiglass. The researcher (eh, this isn't really research) went to great lengths to estimate how far in a polar bear could reach. Carcasses, bones, zoo animals. Then he added a nice safety margin. What he didn't anticipate was two bears trying for him from opposite sides of the cage. He met this the first time he used the cage, or one of the first. He ended up in the middle of the cage, sideways, while the two bears reached in and tried to snag him with a claw, to drag him to the side of the cage for lunch. He had only a couple of inches on each side. Goodness. He had a much larger cage made before he tried this again. . .