Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Amazon's Union-Busting Training Video

Oh yeah, this was supposed to be internal only, but it got leaked because employees, er, "associates" don't necessarily see things the same way management does. This video assumes that they do, or else that they don't know enough to have an opinion. Amazon explicitly states that they are not anti-union, but then instructs workers how to report any signs of possible union organizing. Orwell called this kind of thing "doublespeak". Gizmodo watched the entire video and gives us more highlights. (via Metafilter)

Miss Cellania's Links

Can You Get a Ticket for Riding a Horse While Intoxicated? A sober horse cam take you home on its own.

Colors Are More Than the Sum of Their Parts.

An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That's Exactly What the U.S. Is Running at the Border.

The Chevalier and His Clowder of Cats on Carnegie Hill. The opera singer Alberto Gaston de Bassini took in all kinds of strays and eventually had at least 35 cats, according to his unhappy neighbors.  (via Strange Company)

Five Massive Screw-ups That Wouldn't Have Happened If We All Just Used the Metric System.

Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump.

20 of the Most Hilarious Glamour Shots You've Ever Seen! (via Everlasting Blort)

 The Poisons Released by Melting Arctic Ice. (via Digg)

Joe Biden and the ‘electability’ delusion — and why the media keep making the same mistake.

A blast from the past (2012): 7 Legendary Monsters of South America.


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An Honest Trailer for the Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe

Screen Junkies has reached a milestone- this is their 300th Honest Trailer, so they wanted to make it special. Instead of selecting a movie, they take an expansive overview of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They treat the 23 films as one story here, but strangely, a lot of the parts that make up the whole are repeated over and over. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Teen Pregnancy

TRUCKLA: The World's First Tesla Pickup Truck

Simone Giertz has an angle grinder and a welder, and she's not afraid to use them. Giertz got tired of waiting for Tesla to launch its electric pickup truck, so she made her own. Yes, the "queen of shitty robots" took a Tesla  model 3 and cut the body up to accommodate a truck bed. She calls the resulting vehicle "Truckla." The ad above says it's available nowhere, but you can find one in Giertz's driveway. She's come a long way since she bought her first car, Cheese Louise. The much longer video showing how she built Truckla is at Neatorama. (via Metafilter)

Experience Required

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The Weird Rule that Broke American Politics

If you've been wondering why nothing gets done in Washington, you should take a look into the rules of the Senate. Vox explains the filibuster, which no longer works the way it was depicted in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, but is still a simple way to block legislation. These rules also highlight why it is so important to vote for your senators and representatives as well as presidents. 

Now we need an explainer that tells us how the Founding Fathers' original purpose for the electoral college has completely let us down. 


Cats have all the answers, from a cat's point of view. This comic is from seebangnow.


Mr. Olds’ Remarkable Elevator

Peter Olds is an engineer with Olds Engineering (a family business) in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia. He invented an innovative type of materials elevator that relies on a simple screw, a completely new type of technology that harnesses old-fashioned physics. Read more about the Olds Elevator here, after you watch Tom Scott introduce it to us. (via Metafilter)


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Night Flight

The song "Night Flight" originally appeared on the 1975 Led Zeppelin album Physical Graffiti. Here, Page and Plant perform it at the University of London in 1998.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Poverty Meeting

Everything You Need to Know About the VW Beetle

In the 1950s and '60s, the Volkswagen Beetle sold like hotcakes. It was so cheap, simple to repair, and fuel efficient that people didn't care that it was developed by Nazis. Not that the company ever promoted that fact. Donut Media playfully tells us the story of the Beetle, or Bug, from Hitler to the newer turbo models. It's only nine minutes; the last three minutes of this video is an ad. (via Boing Boing)

Swimsuit Weather

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Bird Interrupts David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough has the patience of a saint, which comes when you love your job. (via reddit)

Meet Frisby

Meet Frisby! She's about 15 weeks old, barely two pounds, and just got spayed last week.

I had been thinking of getting another cat for about a year. Since Gogo left us two years ago, Marshmallow has been lonely, even more so in the summer when the tomcats are outside all the time. And I found myself the caretaker of three cats who belonged to other family members who no longer live here. I love them and they love me, but I wanted to raise my own personal cat.

The girls talked me into visiting the local animal shelter at the end of May. That weekend, they only had a few kittens, and only one female. I opened the cage, she jumped out onto my shoulder and started nuzzling me and purring, and my heart melted. So I reserved her. She wouldn't be released until she was spayed, and she couldn't be spayed until she reached two pounds. Little did I know that would take about six weeks! She refused to gain weight, even though she was never sick or listless. The animal shelter people thought she was just too active.

Frisby was excited every time I went to visit her, and she was ecstatic when she came home with me. She follows me around when she's not on my shoulder or in my lap. She grooms me to sleep at night. I finally pulled out my ancient camera and tried to get a few pictures, but the camera takes a second to focus (poorly) and adjust for the light, and kittens don't sit still for that. Many pictures ended up as a rear view.

And closeups are hard when the subject is distracted by the camera strap.

She's been home about a week now. The other cats keep their distance, but have not attacked. Apollo, the biggest cat in the neighborhood, is afraid of her. After a couple days, Tommy decided she's okay, and the others will follow.

Gear Shift

I Strapped a GoPro On a Turtle

Here's a point of view you probably never considered. YouTuber The Fish Whisperer strapped a GoPro onto a red eared slider turtle and let him go do his turtle stuff in the pond. It went rather well, although there was that one part when the camera caused the turtle to lose his balance, but it turned out alright. (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

With the 50th anniversary of the first moon mission approaching, NASA wants you to experience the event as it happened in 1969. They've set up an interactive website that incorporates mission control film footage, footage from Apollo 11, TV transmissions, commentary, 2,000 photographs, and 11,000 hours of mission control audio recordings to bring you the immersive experience as it happened in 1969. (via Metafilter

Time's Most Influential People of 2019. Each with a bio written by another influential person.

Why the Trump campaign won’t pay police bills. Ten city governments from Arizona to Pennsylvania say the president’s political committee has stiffed them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Make plans now to attend Burning Cat. It's not another Burning Man, but a game convention for people who want to have fun, brought to you by Matthew Inman, the comic artist behind the Oatmeal and the game Exploding Kittens. (Thanks, Carol Anne!)

Gloson, the Swedish Ghost Pig. Gloson will charge at a person walking, run between their legs, and cut them in half! (via Strange Company)

What Happens When A Photographer Babysits Your Cat.

There is nothing more depressing than “positive news.”

Starfleet Insignia Discovered on Mars. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

The 100 Greatest Movie Quotes of the 21st Century. Each has the story behind it and a link to video when available.

A blast from the past (2008): Houses Made of Straw.

Inner Demon

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Adam Savage Built an Iron Man Suit

The end of Mythbusters wasn't the end of fun for Adam Savage. He's getting a new show ready, called Savage Builds. So what would you build if you have unlimited resources? An Iron Man suit would be at the top of the list for a lot of folks, so he went and did it. It flies, too! (via Digg)

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Power Failure


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How a Manhole Cover Became the Fastest Manmade Object Ever

Half as Interesting tries to answer the question, "What is the fastest manmade object?" As you can figure, first they have to clarify the parameters of the question, defining the terms and such. But that leads us to a truly bizarre story of an experiment that is still somewhat classified. I really want to know if we have a 1957 manhole cover orbiting the earth.

Happy Father's Day, Mr. LePew

(Thanks, WTM!)

What Happens When A Movie Has No Script Supervisor?

Martha Pinson us a script supervisor who has done extensive work with Martin Scorsese. Here she describes her rather complicated work in checking for filming errors. I would not have caught any of these errors, but I can see how a bunch of them together would affect the sense of film quality. And you know there are movie fans who would catch them. (via Nag on the Lake)


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Popeye searches for his long-lost father and finds more than he bargained for. The classic Popeye cartoon from 1938 is a staple for Fathers Day.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Meat Loaf

I'm Gay

Eugene Lee Yang became well-known as a member of the Try Guys who produced videos for Buzzfeed. Here is a video he designed, choreographed, and stars in about coming out as gay. It's not all fun and dancing- it gets pretty dramatic as it goes on. Because of the wide format, you may want to see this one in full screen mode, or at least somewhat larger at YouTube. (via Metafilter)


If you don't get it, say it out loud. (via reddit)


Trying to Help

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Friday, June 14, 2019

It's Hot

Why We Love Cephalopods

Cephalopod Week will be celebrated June 21-28. To get us excited for it, Science Friday asked various scientists why they love squids, octopuses, and nautiluses. The easy answer is because they are so interesting, but it seems each participant has a great story to share. Read more about the upcoming events of Cephalopod Week. (via [appropriately] Laughing Squid)


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Boston Dynamics' New Robots Now Fight Back

We've seen the staff at Boston Dynamics abuse their robots in the name of testing. This is a lot of that. But then something strange happens at about 1:30. The robot takes matters into his own hands! Gradually, you realize that this is not a Boston Dynamics video at all. It's from Corridor. Okay. Eventually they show us how they did it. You have to admire the work that went into this one. It would, in fact, make a great beginning for a dystopian film, but please, not a documentary! (via Metafilter)


Japanese Animated Documentary About UFOs

Don't you just love putting the words "animated" and "documentary" together? This subtitled film is from 1975.  (via Boing Boing)

Miss Cellania's Links

Why No One Can Agree on What George Washington Thought About the Relationship Between Church and State.

Who’s the real TIGER in the house?

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to pass her plans. The 2020 candidate on how she’d get rid of the filibuster, curb political corruption, and persuade Americans that government can work for them.

The Best Road Trips in North America.

10 Surprising Facts About Animal Sex.

What's happening with Customs and Border Patrol. It's shameful, inhumane, and most likely illegal.

How Modern Life is Transforming the Human Skeleton. It all started with a goat. (via Metafilter)

A blast from the past (2013): Canada Lynx: The Ghost Cat of the North.

Dryer Sheets

(via Fark)

God Gave Rock and Roll to You

Love the song, but the camera work here could easily make you dizzy or sick.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Spinach Salad

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Air Ambulances Are Bankrupting Us

For a short while many years ago, I worked at a radio station that offered health insurance. The agent went over the benefits with us and stressed that they would not pay for air ambulances unless it was a life-or-death matter- and they could cost up to $100,000. That came back to me later when my husband was in the hospital, and they wanted to transport him by helicopter to a bigger hospital 90 miles away. I cringed inside, but didn't say anything, because I did not want to deny him any services. Then the weather went downhill, and he was transported by a conventional ambulance instead. In this video, ZDoggMD has some truth to lay down on us about the business of air ambulances. (via reddit)

Elgin Street

If you are traveling on Elgin Street in Ottawa, it's obvious that construction is going on. But read the signs, anyway, because they will make any delays worthwhile. If the machinery is making too much noise to hear your radio, reading the signs from I Dig Elgin will put a song into your head. The community campaign is really into puns. The risk here is if you cannot get that song out of your head later. Even reading this post will make you sing something inside. (via reddit

Cat Confused by Card Trick

The cat knows there should be a card flying around somewhere in the room. Or several. This isn't a nice thing to do to the kitty, but it sure is funny. (via Boing Boing)


Survival is very different from the ability to communicate effectively. The top comment at reddit explains how jellyfish survive without a brain. This comic is from Jimmy at They Can Talk.


(via Neatorama)

Innovative Heart Transplant Surgery

Where there's a will, there's a way! (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

The French Town on the Edge of a Giant Hole.

Measuring a dog vs measuring a cat.

Are McMansions Making People Any Happier? Betteridge's Law of Headlines factors here.

25 Episodes that Changed Television. (via Digg)

Tariff Man returns to Mexico!

A Mom And Her Son Had Graduation Ceremonies On The Same Day. So One University Surprised The Mom After She Skipped Hers.

What Did X Stand For Before X-rays? Children's alphabet books were a challenge that was approached in many different ways. (via Metafilter)

An Oral History of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Perfect Men in Black ‘Sugar Water’ Scene. 

Ancient Asian Funerals May Have Included Smoking Marijuana.

A blast from the past (2008): Salsa Time!

Ominous Combo

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Stormy Weather

Lena Horne from the 1943 film Stormy Weather.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pork Chop

Ugly History: Witch Hunts

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, hundreds of women -and some men- were tortured and executed for witchcraft during the age of witch hunts. It was an accusation you really couldn't defend yourself against. Brian A. Pavlac explains what happened and why in this TED-Ed talk. (via Laughing Squid)

He Just Can't take It Anymore

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Revenge is sweet, no matter how subtle it may be. This comic is from Chris Hallbeck at Maximumble.

Model Boats

Miss Cellania's Links

The Court of Tartary. Professor Dunbar wakes up and finds that he has turned into a steer. (via TYWKIWDBI)

The FBI Admits Black Lives Matter Was Never a Threat. It’s White People You Should Be Worried About

Keanu Reeves gets heckled at E3 in the most wholesome way.

Like many rich Americans, I used to think educational investment could heal the country’s ills—but I was wrong. Fighting inequality must come first.

A shaggy dog story in the age of Twitter.

Three Men Who All Told Very Different Lies On Their Resumes (and Still Got the Job).

10 Tourist Sights Around The World On Instagram Versus Reality.

America’s Collapsing Because it’s the World’s First Poor Rich Country. Nearly half of Americans can’t afford the basics of life anymore.

Don't Let Your Backyard Bee House Kill the Bees. With recommendations and links for proper backyard bee care.

A blast from the past (2012): 10 Legendary Monsters of Australasia and Antarctica.


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The Moon in Motion

Were you able to experience the total solar eclipse in 2017? Astrophotographer Phil Hart recorded that eclipse for those who couldn't be there. He used 12 remote-control cameras stationed across a wide area, and spent two years stitching the footage together.
The video features footage from 7 out of 12 cameras I had running on the day. Six were onsite at South Menan Butte, Idaho. The other two cameras were at remote locations established in the days leading up to the eclipse: Table Mountain, Wyoming looking over the Tetons and another in the foothils of the Beaverhead Mountains (south of Blue Dome) looking over the Snake River Plains of Idaho.
Learn more about this astonishing video at Hart's website. (via Laughing Squid)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

There's a Story behind This

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An Honest Trailer for Captain Marvel

Now that Captain Marvel is out on Blu-ray, it's time for Screen Junkies to temporarily set aside their summer blockbuster series and give us an Honest Trailer. I have yet to see Captain Marvel, but I learned more about it from the Honest Trailer than I ever did from the original trailers. What's the deal about her emotions? Was that deliberate satire, or just business as usual in Hollywood?

Hot Goths

Reminds me of the erstwhile blog Goths in Hot Weather. (via reddit)

Good Meme

This alteration was based on an original comic by seebangnow. (via Fark)

Fun with Router Names

The One-Lane Bridge Shared By Cars And Trains

No matter where you are, trains have the right of way. A train might take a mile or so to come to a stop, which means they cannot stop just because they see a car on the track. So imagine the trepidation a driver would feel having to drive across a bridge that's also a railroad track. One without warning lights. That's the case for a couple of bridges in rural New Zealand, as Tom Scott explains. 

Miss Cellania's Links

Daniel Danger has a business plan of opening a grilled cheese cart to sell grilled cheese sandwiches for $1 each. No options, no tomato, no change given. He lays out the details in a Twitter thread. (via Metafilter)

The Underground Art of Prison Tattoos. (via Kottke)

How to give a tiger a bath. First thought: the steaks are too high.

The True Story of The Holocaust Train Rescued From The Heart of Darkness. (via Neatorama)

Data Error Undermines Book's Claims. A simple misinterpretation led to erroneous conclusions about marriage and happiness.

The guy who told the story about his father's graves has posted two more since then, about Disney World and a Christmas party. (via Metafilter)

Katz’s Deli To Host Fake Orgasm Contest on July 12. It's a part of their month-long celebration of the 30th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally. (via Boing Boing)

Mr. Mathias Rises from the Grave: 1888. Mr. Mathias suspected that his wife loved another, so he did what any man in such a position would do -he faked his own death. (via Strange Company)

Feel Good Stories From Trump’s America. (via Nag on the Lake)

How to Manage Your Gas. With specific meals you should eat before a flight, before exercise, and before a job interview is you want to minimize farts. (via Real Clear Science)

A blast from the past (2013): 9 Periodic Table Parodies.


(via Fark)

A Classic

The simplest jokes last forever. (via reddit)

Tweet of the Day

Alicia Jessop had always wanted to enjoy a Maine lobster roll on the coast of Maine. When she got her chance, this happened. The photo went viral, so she opened a one-post blog called Seagull Stole My Lobster Roll. (via Laughing Squid)

Monday, June 10, 2019

Big Changes

Time Travel Explained to Time Travelers

A group of people in the 1980s are getting ready to travel into the future, to the year 2145. This is their orientation video. The 1980s style is spot-on, but the description of what 2145 will be like is somewhat ominous. (via Laughing Squid)

Tent Poles

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