Monday, March 11, 2019

How a News Anchor Broke the Unspoken Dress Code

Jana Shortal never got the hang of the anchorwoman costume: expensive feminine clothing, long perfect hair, makeup, and jewelry. So she slowly started to present herself as she really is. You go, girl!


Bicycle Bill said...

Tell you what, Ms. Shortal.  When you're working for KARE-11, you're a journalist.  Instead of practicing 'being a lesbian', try practicing journalism.  Find, write, and report the news.  Do so accurately, honestly, and fairly, and people will not give a tinker's dam about who you are or what you look like.  So long as you do your job and do it properly, you could deliver the news from underneath a paper bag or just be an off-screen voice and people would still accept your information as the real deal.

I'm 64 years old and work in a call center for a major cellular telephone provider.  I have been told by many different people from all across the country — and often enough that there must be at least a germ of truth to it — that I have what they describe as "a broadcast voice"; many people think I could be doing voice-overs or reading the news.  AND THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHO OR WHAT I AM — gay or straight; white, black, or mixed; old or young; clean-shaven or bearded and covered in tattoos and piercings; or physically active or confined to a wheelchair!!

So I think you're seeing obstacles where there really are none.  Do your job to the best of your ability and save the energy you are expending to become 'yourself' ... because you're already there.

Mikey said...

Trading one costume for another costume.

Anonymous said...

There are absolutely obstacles to being LGBTQ+, some of them are even legally protected in regards to jobs and medical care. Here is a handy interactive map which shows which states have laws that allow discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and what those laws are.