Thursday, January 10, 2019

Tweet of the Day


Bunk Strutts said...

Only .001 of the Federal Budget to build an effective barrier that Democrats supported as recently as 2016...

Something smells.

Grey One talks sass said...

There is indeed an odor about the place, but it's not members of the Democratic party.

Facts are crazy things - they show up when least expected and alter ones reality. What was supposedly supported (citations are needed) three years ago is not necessarily supported now; especially with all the new data collected.

The Wall (trademark pending) was nothing more than a campaign slogan for Individual Number One. Those states which are on the border advocate for new tech, something that is not funded as of yet. Why not? I ask because border security is the new "Are you a Patriot" line in the sand.

My apologies Miss Cellania if I've overstepped my bounds. Fact free aspersions, in my opinion, must always be addressed less they are allowed to fester and multiply.

Hope the job is going well.

Miss Cellania said...

Bunk, what point are you trying to make? The speech you linked is from 2009, and Schumer has not changed his support of border security. The Democrats supported the 2006 fencing project, which is in place now. Are you saying that that bipartisan project is not good?

And if you want to talk about flip-flopping, the Senate Republicans passed a budget act just last month that would keep the government open without the ransom money Trump is demanding. They could easily enact that one, and even override a possible presidential veto. But I think Trump would sign it. McConnell is holding things up because he's terrified of Rush Limbaugh and the Trump base. Meanwhile, our government is falling apart.