Tuesday, January 22, 2019

World Record Attempt

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The Expedition

Any time I move furniture, I find a cache of cat toys. That means chopsticks, bread ties, and hair elastics, all batted about by my white cat Marshmallow. I can imagine the angst she goes through every time she loses one of her prized possessions. This comic is from Jim Benton. (via reddit)


Miss Cellania's Links

The origin of "Midnight Plane to Houston," and how that song eventually became "Midnight Train to Georgia." (via Nag on the Lake)

The French-Vietnamese restaurant Pho Keene Great has won their battle with city officials over their name and sign.

Why Do We Forget? Various psychologists and neuroscientists look at the question from a variety of angles.

The 2018 Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition Winners. (via Mashable)

Taekwondo is so confusing.

'What a Magnificent Body of Men Never to Take Another Drink': The U.S. Army and Prohibition. (via Strange Company)

Mitch McConnell.

"Blind" Cat Finally Opens His Eyes. And they are beautiful. (via Bored Panda)

Honest Covers for Classic Books. http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_2528_here-are-40-covers-classic-books-if-they-were-honest/

See an Entire Northern Ireland Village Knitted Out of Wool.  

A blast from the past (2013): Ochre Jelly's LEGO Memes.

Call Acme!

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Monday, January 21, 2019


Little Donny's Second Year

Trump has been president for two years and a day now. The Daily Show has assembled a scrapbook of the toddler-in-chief's milestones.

Please Don't

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The Art of Museum-going

At The Airport Terminal

Bill Wurtz's latest song is about being at the airport. That's all you need to know. (via Digg)

Miss Cellania's Links

On the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, Vice President Mike Pence shockingly invoked a line from the civil rights leader's famous "I Have a Dream" speech to build support for President Donald Trump's proposed deal on the border wall.

68 Genius Scar And Birthmark Tattoos.

Florida Man Peeps Into the Wrong Window. He ended up getting tackled by an ex-NFL cornerback. (via Fark)

The most realistic game of duck, duck, goose ever.

How “Pick-Up Artists” Morphed Into The Alt-Right. Told in a webcomic at The Nib. (via Boing Boing)

Man Injects 18 'Doses' of Semen Into Arm to Cure Back Pain, Ends Up in Hospital.

Republican Congressman: Trump’s Border Crisis Is a ‘Myth.’

Britain's worst ice skating accident occurred on January 16, 1867, at Regent's Park in London. Hundreds of people were skating on the lake, and 41 ended up dead. (via Strange Company)

Trump's Missile Defense Plan Creates More Problems Than It Solves.

13 Fascinating Facts About Pallas’s Cats.

The Bed Situation

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Spoilers Don't Necessarily Ruin a Movie

The concept of "spoilers" really only came into being with the internet, where people from all over discuss pop culture to no end. But what does science say about spoilers? Turns out that knowing a twist doesn't ruin the experience of a story. Thomas Flight explains how that can happen. (via Laughing Squid)

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

Ice Skating on a Comfy Couch

This happed just a week ago at Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.
"A day spent on the lake with a big group of friends that were on an expedition to skate from Excelsior Bay to Wayzata Bay. We came across a guy doing donuts with his farm tractor on the ice so I joined him with my golf cart and then proceeded to visit with him at his fish house. He had a couch located by the front door and without a pause from one of my friends, John, asked if he could ride on the couch across the smooth ice. He said yes and the rest is history."
Yes, this is the way I would prefer to skate on the ice. (via Digg)


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Have a Nice Day

People tell us to have a nice day all the time, but how often do we take them seriously? And how often do we go out of our way to really have one? This comic is from Chris Hallbeck at Maximumble.


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Deal or No Deal

Saturday Night Live
returns with a TV game show about the government shutdown. It makes about as much sense as anything else these days.

Big Brother

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The Window

Four French soldiers share a hospital room, but only one is physically able to look out the window. He faithfully describes what is going on outside to the others, particularly a woman who frequents the cafe across the street. This CGI animation by ESMA has English subtitles. (via Kuriositas)

Tweet of the Day

Take it from someone who has been there. When the paycheck stops, the first thing thrown out of the budget is groceries, as that's not a fixed payment. If you have any savings or credit, that goes to housing or utilities, because when those things are taken away, it is very hard to get them back.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mayor Sez

Swimming with a Great White Shark

Don't try this at home! Or anywhere. Hawaii diver Ocean Ramsey is a shark advocate and a victim of nominative determinism. The shark is named Deep Blue, who is believed to be 50 years old and pregnant, which is why she is so big and doesn't act like the Hollywood version of a great white. On Tuesday, Ramsey and other divers were observing tiger sharks feeding on a whale carcass in the ocean off Oahu. Great whites don't normally come close to Hawaii because the water is too warm, but Deep Blue hung out all day with the divers and some dolphins. Ramsey enjoyed the interlude.
She was especially thrilled because, based on the shark’s size and markings, she tentatively identified her as Deep Blue, a shark she has swum with on research trips to Guadalupe Island, Mexico. “I’m without words; it’s heartwarming; she’s probably the most gentle great white I’ve ever seen. Big pregnant females are actually the safest ones to be with, the biggest oldest ones, because they’ve seen it all — including us.” (Sharks only bite humans when they are curious or mistake people for their natural prey, she said.) “That’s why I kind of call her, like, a grandma shark.”
Read more about Deep Blue and Ocean Ramsey at the Honolulu Star Advertiser.
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Who walks down stairs like that? My guess would be rather John Cleese, Michigan J. Frog, or the guy from QWOP. (via reddit)

Police Chase Van Through Three Towns

The above video, with added Yakety Sax, is only one portion of the low-speed police chase that led cops through Garland, Mesquite, and Dallas, Texas. Stoffon Lorains Cooper was stopped for speeding through a school zone, and fled when the officer discovered warrants against him. The loops through a parking lot were not the craziest part of the chase.
Cooper's most daring maneuver, caught on video by Texas Sky Ranger, was to thread the vehicle through a car wash, turn around and drive right past police, over a curb and back onto the street.
Dallas police handed Cooper over to Garland police, who charged him with the original warrants plus evading arrest. (via reddit)

Are Video Games Art?

What is art, anyway? This comic comes to us from Zach Weinersmith at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Petting Chart

One Small Step

Luna wanted to be an astronaut ever since she was a little girl. The story, however, turns out to be about shoes. This is the first project released from Taiko Studios, which was formed last year by a group of ex-Disney animators. (via reddit)


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How Duct Tape is Made

Whether you call it duck tape or duct tape, you are correct. The original name is duck tape, and now it's the brand name. But people call it duct tape because it is used to repair ducts as well. This video from Insider traces the history of duct tape and the process of making it. Don't miss the roll of duck tape that's several feet wide! (via Geeks Are Sexy

Friday, January 18, 2019


Why Fingerprints are Unique

Minute Earth explains the science behind fingerprints: how they are formed, why they develop their individual patterns, and the math on why they don't replicate in nature. It's pretty detailed, and makes you wonder how they discovered all this. (via Digg)


You have to wonder what the ducks did to this guy.  (via reddit)

Real Hot Dog Precision

This is a Finnish ad for Circle K Sverige. We know it's from Finland because no one else in the world would put lettuce on a hot dog. That said, these are impressive skills. (via reddit)

Pebble and Wren

A few months ago, Chris Hallbeck began a story about a house monster at his webcomic Maximumble. That story was spun off into its own comic called Pebble and Wren. Pebble is the shape-shifting house monster and Wren is the little girl he belongs to. To set up the comics shown here, they were playing an antigravity game when Pebble's horns pierced the ceiling. If you enjoyed these, you have 127 comics to catch up on. 

The Art of Working Out

The Myth of Pandora’s Box

The Greeks had a story for everything. You've heard "Pandora's box" all your life as a term for opening up something you shouldn't because you don't know what's in there. The original story is a cautionary tale about curiosity and temptation. Pandora gets the blame for all the evils of the world, yet it was Zeus who set her up to take the fall. This TED-Ed lesson from Iseult Gillespie has the story. (via Laughing Squid)


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Frank Zappa for Ludens

The Luden's Cough Drop spot was produced in 1967 with audio by Frank Zappa. It won a Clio Award. Still surreal, still weird. I'll take the lemon-honey flavor. (via Ectoplasmosis)

Tweet of the Day

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Police Blotter

1000 People of Dance

In 2014, Matt Bray posted a video he called 100 Days of Dance in which he learned the Napoleon Dynamite dance in 100 days. The next year, his followup was 100 Places of Dance, in which he danced in 100 different locations. Bray has been busy since then. He's traveled the world to dance with people- at least a thousand of them.
"This video was literally just me flying to a country by myself, walking up to strangers in a cool spot I wanted to film at, and asking them if they would be willing to dance with me," said Bray, explaining the process. "There was no big production behind this or any organization."

Despite having never traveled outside the country before, Bray pushed through feeling "nervous or uncomfortable" when walking up to strangers to film a complex dance, and came out the other end with "by far, the most rewarding video."  
The video will leave you smiling, even if it's just on the inside. Read more about Bray's dance odyssey at Mashable.

Please Don't Touch

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When a sign says "Please Don't Touch," some people will be bound and determined to do just that. Once you stop laughing at the instant karma in this .gif, you might wonder what a kūkupa is. Like the sign says (and you should believe this sign), the bird is also known as the New Zealand wood pigeon. It is also called kereru. For pigeons, they grow pretty big, up to 22 inches long! That's big enough for a resident to throw his weight around. (via reddit)

Land of the Free

The new song by The Killers has a lovely, uplifting tune, but the lyrics and the video are devastating. (via Metafilter)

Hot Dog Stand

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Les Pyramides d’Égypte

In Cairo in 1920, an archaeologist makes a monumental discovery. (via Kuriositas)

Miss Cellania's Links

Battle of the Ax Men: Who Really Built the First Electric Rock 'n' Roll Guitar?

Redefining Representation: The Women of the 116th Congress.

A giant spinning disc of ice appeared on its own in the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine. Is it an artifact of an alien landing?

Evolutionary Leftovers in the Human Body. (via Boing Boing)

This Is Mitch McConnell’s Shutdown. He could end it immediately, but he doesn't want to.

Could Pets Be a Key to the Obesity Crisis?

A chart from the American Enterprise Institute shows how important things are getting wildly expensive, while consumer goods are getting cheaper.

Tom the Dancing Bug: Trump's Loyalty to Russia Under Investigation.

A 4-Year-Old Trapped in a Teenager’s Body. Patrick Burleigh also suffered from a genetic disease, one which meant he began puberty as a baby, just as his father and grandfather did. (via Digg)

How Long Have Dogs Been Helping Us Hunt?

A blast from the past (2009): The Nine Lives of Socks Clinton.

The Neighbor's Cat

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Mathematicious is a parody of Fergalicious by Fergie. I find this more interesting. Reposted from eleven years ago.

Tweet of the Day

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


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Big Bird Box

Don't look! Don't look! Okay, now look. Nerdist brings us a parody of the Netflix movie Bird Box with the monster revealed! This monster is from Sesame Street, though, so it's not all that terrifying. But it might induce you to ...giggle. The YouTube video has been pulled, but you can watch it at Nerdist. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

How Things Change

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Their Secret Love

Redditor Elphaba16 has several pets, including a male cat named Kevin Jones and a female dog named Joule. She set up a camera to see what goes in in the home when the humans are at work, and found out that Kevin and Joule have a special relationship. They don't favor each other much when people are home, but when the house is empty, they enjoy cuddling and napping together on the sofa. There are more videos and still images of these two at Instagram. (via Laughing Squid)

How We Use the Internet

People who have cats don't mind their cats being more internet-famous than they are. This comic is from Yasmine Surovic at Cat vs. Human.

My Job


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Remote Control

The RCA Wireless Wizard does it all!

Tweet of the Day

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mercury Fish

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An Honest Trailer for Halloween (2018)

Last fall, there was another Halloween sequel. Or was it a remake? It had the same characters, the same name, and virtually the same plot as the 1978 movie, but set 40 years afterward. Halloween is the 11th movie in the series, but it was designed to be the "real" sole sequel to the 1978 original. Confused? You'll be even more confused after watching this Honest Trailer for Halloween from Screen Junkies.

What Would Lincoln Think?

(via a comment at Boing Boing)

Oh Happy Day

Reposted from ten years ago, because this is joyful. Performed by The PS22 Chorus, under the direction of Mr. B, who keeps their blog. You may have seen their hit version of Eye of the Tiger around the 'net.

Antique Store

Oh, whew! We were just about to go on an adventure there for a minute! But this is not the beginning of a movie, it's a four-panel comic from Chris Hallbeck at Maximumble.


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Office Cats

Prince Michael works in an office full of cats. Bored cats. So bored that they resort to making music with office supplies. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

Unthinkable: 50 Moments That Define an Improbable Presidency.

Cats As Fonts. (via Nag on the Lake)

Professional services and the relationships with those they serve have been short-circuited by runaway capitalism. (via Boing Boing)

The Disturbing Case of The Russian Doll Maker. Warning: gruesome. (via Strange Company)

Data visualization geek John Nelson got the idea to turn the Grand Canyon into something more familiar to us: mountains.  (via Kottke)

Why Detroit Residents Pushed Back Against Tree-Planting. It's not about the trees; it's about control and trust.

Was Jane Jetson a Child Bride?

Randy Rainbow's new song is about Trump's border wall, to the tune of "There is Nothin' Like  a Dame." 

The Dronestagram 2018 International Drone Photography Contest Winners. Bored Panda has a ranked gallery of 68 finalists.

Report: Americans Are Now More Likely To Die Of An Opioid Overdose Than On The Road. But your odds of dying of an overdose are smaller if you don't take opioids.

A blast from the past (2013): A Short History of the Apple.

Teen Years

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Herding Ducks

Working dogs Roy, Lass, and Celt show off their teamwork in getting their ducks in a row. Or, rather, getting their ducks to go exactly where the dogs want. The little girl's acrobatics are pretty good, too! This happened in Livingston, Tennessee. Those are good dogs. (Thanks, xoxoxoBruce!)

Monday, January 14, 2019


Katelyn Ohashi Flips Out

UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, a two-time All American and former member of  USA Gymnastics' Junior National Team, scored a perfect 10.0 at the 2019 Collegiate Challenge on Saturday with this awesome routine. Besides her incredible sequences of flips, she exudes a contagious joy in what she does. It was the 6th perfect 10 of her career. (via Digg)

Shape-Shifting Liquid

It's true. (via reddit)

Geek vs. Nerd

Funny, I've heard these terms explained in the complete opposite manner before. This comic is from Shoe Box. (via reddit)

The Art of Game Night

Mutiny on the Sex Raft

Mexican anthropologist Santiago Genovés wanted to study human sex and violence up close, so he conceived of an experiment that may remind you of modern-day reality TV shows. In 1973, he gathered ten young and attractive volunteers to make an ocean voyage on a raft together with no chance to escape. Genovés expected alliances and conflicts to develop, which he could study in detail.
Genovés had even grander motives in planning his voyage: he sought to diagnose and cure world violence. To that end, he placed ads in international newspapers and made his selection from respondents, choosing a crew of strangers from different races and religions so that he could create a microcosm of the world. Among the five women and five men were a Japanese photographer, an Angolan priest, a French scuba diver, a Swedish ship’s captain, an Israeli doctor and an Alaskan waitress who was fleeing an abusive husband. Genovés called his boat the Peace Project, but it rapidly became known in the world’s press as the Sex Raft.
However, Genovés' assumptions about the crew's interactions were turned upside down over the three-month voyage. The experiment is the subject of a new documentary, The Raft, but you can read a short version of how the experiment proceeded at The Guardian.

Miss Cellania's Links

To Catch a Killer Gene: Sisters Race to Stop a Mystery Disease. A harmful genetic mutation can end with their generation. (via Strange Company)

Learning how to pet a cat.

A short course in Trump's history with Russia.

11 Secrets of Perfumers.

The Ghostbusters Dinosaur. "There is no dino, only Zuul." (via Cracked)

A report on Medical Marketing in the United States, 1997-2016. Almost $30 billion a year is spent in advertising. (via TYWKIWDBI)

Four Movies Retold as Medieval Tales. Enjoy Ye Silence of ye Lambs as well as Commando: the Tale of Sir Jon of Matrix, Evente Horizone, and William and Theodore's Most Excellent Adventure. (via Metafilter

The Adventures of Pico the 23 Year Old Cat.

Powerful Comic Reveals the Unspoken Struggles Men Face Almost Everyday And Are Too Afraid To Speak About. 

The Legend of the Sun King’s Perfume Bath at Versailles.

A blast from the past (2009): Places of the Dead: 8 Extraordinary Burial Sites.

The Road

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Is Organic Really Better?

What's the real difference between organic produce and fruits and vegetables without the organic label? Kurzgesagt takes us through the ins and outs of how organic produce compares, in nutrition, in how natural it is, and how organic farming affects the environment. One thing that surprised me is that organic foods can be produced using pesticides -as long as the pesticide itself is organic. Of course, all this only makes a difference if you eat a decent amount of fruits and vegetables, which most of us don't.

Tweet of the Day

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Unfortunate Juxtaposition

Squad Leader TD-73028 Soliloquy

A stormtrooper has suffered a battle loss and is contemplating what it all means in this award-winning Shakespearean Star Wars fan film from Maxime-Claude L'Écuyer. Be warned, the disturbing content prompted io9 to post the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number (800-273-8255) with this video.

Ten Dogs

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