Sunday, November 04, 2018

Greetings from the 1%

Abigail Disney is an heiress from guess which family. She is a filmmaker, but does not work for the Disney company.


Shy Ted said...

Well, Princess Disney, you could always give all that extra money away. Or you could give your housemaids, gardeners and chauffeurs a massive pay rise. Help a young school leaver open a hair salon. Give an old person in the supermarket $200. Buy someone with a beaten up old car a new one. And then do it all again next week. It won't impact on your fortune. You see if you leave it to the government so much will be lost in the bureaucracy and there'll be so much less to get to the causes you think deserve it. Let us know how you get on. Post pics of the smiling faces that you made happen. PS encourage all the other 1%ers to do the same.

Miss Cellania said...

She's working on it. From the link:

Disney and her husband Pierre Hauser created The Daphne Foundation in 1991 in order to fund programs that confront the causes and consequences of poverty in the five boroughs of New York City.[16]

In 2008, Disney launched Peace is Loud, a nonprofit organization that inspires action through media and live events that spotlight women leaders on the frontlines of peacebuilding worldwide. The organization’s mission is to generate a groundswell of people committed to building a culture of peace. Disney serves as the Founder and President.[17]

Disney has made several overseas trips with fellow peace activists, including Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee. The two traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 2011 to spend a week working with women peace activists and to explore ideas for building peace in their country.[18] The following year, they visited Sri Lanka, where women activists launched the Sri Lankan Women's Agenda on Peace, Security and Development, inspired by Gbowee's legacy.[19]

In 2012 she renounced her share of the profits from the Disney family investment in the Ahava cosmetics company whose factory is located in a West Bank settlement. She stated "I cannot in good conscience profit from what is technically the 'plunder' or 'pillage' of occupied natural resources..." For legal reasons she could not withdraw her investments and therefore donated the investments and profits "to organizations working to end this illegal exploitation."[20]

In May 2015, Disney joined Gbowee and 28 other international women peacebuilders to cross the 2-mile wide De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea in an act of solidarity with Korean women and to call for an end to the Korean War. The peacebuilders headed international peace symposia in Pyongyang and Seoul, where they listened to Korean women and shared experiences of mobilizing women to end conflict.[21]

smittypap said...

Dayum, Shy Ted! That's gotta sting!