Thursday, August 09, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

On Aug. 9, 1974, Richard Nixon became the only US president ever to resign the office. Here's a roundup of news photos from that day.

Is Han Solo Stupid? A tallying of the decisions from the original Star Wars trilogy that speak to Solo's judgment, or lack thereof.

One Year Ago, My Daughter, Heather Heyer, Was Killed in Charlottesville Fighting Against Hate. Now It's My Fight Too.

People You May Know: A Controversial Facebook Feature's 10-Year History. The company uses data you didn't think of to find people you haven't thought of.

The 2018 iPhone Photography Award Winners. The grand prize photo was shot on an iPhone 7, which goes to show that the subject matters more than the camera.

Here's How Much Skateboarding Has Changed Over the Years. See photos that trace the sport's evolution from 1975.

A Young Man and Woman Got Heart Transplants on the Very Same Day. Theirs was a love story with plenty of heart.

Government Study Says Trump's Wall is Total BS. 

A blast from the past (2014): Five Hobbies You Never Considered.

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joel hanes said...

I remember when skateboarding originally became a thing,
around 1962. We made our own skateboards by cannibalizing
an old metal-wheel shoe-clamp roller skate, probably
belonging to a sister, perhaps even asked her first