Thursday, August 02, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

The Taj Mahal Is Turning Green: The Struggle to Preserve Priceless Monuments. The difficulty of such projects arises from both money and politics.

See The World in Ultraviolet. It's beyond our visible spectrum, but Veritasium gives us a reasonable facsimile in video form.

An Oral History of the Best Breaking Bad Episode Ever. A lot of collaboration went into "Ozymandias."

The Shorter Straw. Visionary Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani produced two feature-length animated films before Walt Disney did, but is barely remembered.

Bronson, the 33-Pound Cat. This sweet butterball is already losing weight at his new home.

What Kills You When a Volcano Erupts? It’s not what you think.

The History Behind 8 Famous Tongue Twisters.

Sarah Connor Makes the Most Badass Return in the First Official Image From Terminator 6.

A rookie ICE agent makes an embarrassing mistake.

A blast from the past (2014): Alphonse Bertillon and the Identity of Criminals.


Barbwire said...

You find so many disparate but interesting things--thank you!

Miss Cellania said...

I'm glad you like them!