Friday, August 03, 2018

Maru's Shampoo

Come on, admit it, you've always wanted to see Maru take a bath. You might by surprised and a little disappointed to find that he maintains his usual calm, stone-faced demeanor even when under a shower head. Even if he dislikes it, Maru is used to it, because an international YouTube star always has to be clean and presentable. However, you might be surprised as how normal his body looks without his fur all fluffed up. His roommate Hana, on the other hand, protested through her entire ordeal.


Sue Wilson said...

Maru/Mary -- what's in a name? Maybe add Maru to your spell checker? But I always love your cat posts! Thanks

Miss Cellania said...

Ha! Autocorrect always makes me look like an idiot. Thanks for spotting that one -fixed!

Barbwire said...

Is it common in Japan to bathe cats? I've only bathed a few, and then because of being sprayed by a skunk. The experiences ere decidedly NOT like bathing Maru.