Tuesday, June 05, 2018

They Followed Her Home

A couple weeks ago in Queensland, Australia, a woman was walking her dog and came across ten kittens along the side of the road. They appear to be weaning age, so they must have been dumped.
"I am a country girl who has lived and worked with animals since I was born and I adore them. I was walking my dog, Koda, on a cold morning in Dalby when on my way home a mob of tiny kittens came out of the grass meowing. I was so shocked and nervous that they would be run over by traffic. Unable to pick all of them up, I started walking back home to get my car. When all ten of the kittens ran after me for at least a kilometre, the tiny one that I will be keeping got really tired, so I had to carry her the majority of the way. I took all ten of them home and fed and rehomed the other nine which have all gone to reliable kind homes. I hope that whoever dumped those babies on the road in winter feels horrible for what they’ve done."
(via Laughing Squid)

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