Friday, June 08, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

The Curious Case of Alexis St. Martin. Due to a stomach wound that never healed, he became an experimental subject in the study of digestion. 

The Great Wallpaper Rebellion: Defending Flamboyance in a World of White Walls. Victorian wallpaper is experiencing a mini-renaissance, even as suppliers are dying out.
The Illustrator's Dilemma: How do you make an anthropomorphized bird hold stuff? (via Metafilter)

She was kidnapped by Salvadoran guerillas three decades ago, watched her husband be killed, and was forced to cook and clean for the militants. Now she can't stay in the US -because that was supporting terrorists, a court says. 

The 25 Best Heist Movies of All Time. They don't always get away with it, but we have fun when they try.

Are Reusable Bags Really Better For the Planet? It depends on how you measure their impact.

America’s Underground Sin City. Tourists can now visit the once-thriving opium dens, brothels, and saloons hidden beneath Havre, Montana.

The Mining Millionaire Americans Couldn’t Help But Love. John Mackay was rich, but he was no robber baron.

Man's War With Unwanted Body Hair. As men age, it grows everywhere except where they want it to.

Motherboard is beginning a series of crossword puzzles, a new one every week, filled with answers you won't know unless you keep up with internet news and culture. Try the first puzzle here. (via Metafilter

A blast from the past (2009): Ten Pigs We Love.


Daniel Van Riper said...

"Are Reusable Bags Really Better For the Planet? It depends on how you measure their impact."

Horsecrap. Not being a gambling man, I'm willing to make a small wager that this article was funded by either the plastic bag manufacturing industry or by the fossil fuel industry or perhaps by the evil Koch Boys.

Even if any of this was true, I've used my cotton shopping bags a whole hell of a lot more than 52 times.

gwdMaine said...

“I’m fond of pigs. Dogs look up to you, cats look down on
you. Give me a pig—he just looks you in the eye and treats
you as an equal.”

-- Winston Churchill

Did you know there were dinosaur pigs? True.
Jurassic Pork. Yum.

Happy Friday Miss C.