Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

The Constitutional Crisis is here. It's been here.

13 Things to Know About DNA Testing Kits.

How Down Syndrome Is Redefining the Abortion Debate.

In the final minutes of his life, Calvin has one last talk with Hobbes.

Why Can't We Remember Our Dreams? Neuroscience gives us several possible reasons.

Straight Out of Harry Potter, Color-Shifting Fashion Is Here. Clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and hair color can change in response to the environment.

How Ketchup Revolutionized How Food Is Grown, Processed, and Regulated. The addition of tomatoes made it a truly American condiment.

That Time the U.S. Military Had a Camel Corps. It might have lasted longer if Americans soldiers had known anything about camels.

An Intense Animation of What Might Have Happened During the Last 48 Hours of Pompeii. No people are shown, but it's creepy and terrifying anyway.

A Fish Called Rockweed. Classifying a species as a plant or an animal determines who has the right to harvest it.

A blast from the past (2010): The Lost Boys Give Back.

Today's image comes from Kanye West's generator that lets you put your own words on his album cover. (via The Daily Dot)

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Ken D said...

C & H: Wow!
My friend of 77+ years (I'm 80) will join me in eternal rest. We have no "Francis"