Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fathers Day Links

18 Of The Most Dad Things Dads Do On Family Vacations.

Literally Just 30 Celebrity Dads With Their Kids Who Are So Cute You Might Cry.

17 Pieces Of Advice For New Dads That Are Actually Really Helpful.

Why Father's Day Was 58 Years in the Making. It wasn't an official holiday until 1972!

Daddy’s finally home: 14 deadbeat TV dads who made good. Everything’s different when Daddy comes back.

20 Hilarious Comics That Get Real About Fatherhood.

The TV Dad is American History.

I Had No Idea What Fatherhood Was Going to Be Like.

Fathers Day Cake Wrecks.

The 10 Worst Movie Dads for Father's Day. 

A Comik.

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