Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

Jack 'Legs' Diamond Was Very Hard to Kill. The notorious gangster was shot on four occasions before someone finally got the job done.

Rudy and the Beast: Randy Rainbow's latest song parody rips on Giuliani and Trump.

How Far Should Science Go to Create Lifesaving Replacement Organs? Research is already underway into growing human organs inside animals.

These should be the end times for American patriotism

Italian cat photographer Marianna Zampieri presents a series called C-AT Work that features cats who go to work with their humans. You can see the photos in a slideshow at Facebook.

 Someone Please Tell the Times That Incels Are Terrorists. Misogyny with a name and an agenda is still hate, and is still wrong. (via Metafilter)  

The Brothers Creating Lifelike Figures of Early Man. Adrie and Alfons Kennis's Neanderthals are strangely relatable when we see them smile.

The Secret to a Good Night's Sleep. The latest research findings may help.

If you want to know whether your news sources are factual, biased, or just plain partisan, check the U.S. Media Bias Chart.  See it full-size. This could use a third dimension, to show how much influence these news sources have, since millions people watch Fox news, and few have even heard of the sources on the left. Read other criticisms of the chart at Metafilter.

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gwdMaine said...

I don't like the essay on American patriotism. I'd call it
sad if it wasn't so dangerous. American Exceptionalism (and
thus patriotism) is tied to Alexis de Tocqueville, who it is
said never even used the term (except for once and out of

If I were in charge, de Tocqueville's 'book' Democracy in
America would be required reading in High School. But
here's the thing: Democracy in America is about America's
version of democracy in comparison to other sovereign and
independent democratic nations. Sharia, communism, and
totalitarianism? Nope. It's twisted.

Read Democracy in America online.