Monday, May 21, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

This ‘outtake’ video of the Royal Wedding is so dumb—but so very enjoyable.

Apartments Are Stocked, Toys Donated. Only the Refugees Are Missing. The flow of refugees to the United States has slowed nearly to a halt, demonstrating that what President Trump’s administration could not achieve by executive order, it is accomplishing by bureaucracy. (via Metafilter)

Napflix, videos that will put you to sleep. (via Kottke)

An Invisible Warship is at the Center of WWII’s Greatest Urban Legend. Secret experiments, magnetic fields, and conspiracy theories led people to believe the USS Eldridge achieved teleportation.

The Next Big Discovery in Astronomy Has Already Been Found. We Just Don't Know It Yet. Many important breakthroughs come from interpreting old data.

Richard Wilkinson is producing a series of insect illustrations based on Star Wars characters called Arthropoda Iconicus. Star Wars fans will recognize who inspired each of these insects, but non-Star Wars fans will be forgiven if they take them as real species.

The Curse of an Open Floor Plan. Do the benefits of a great room outweigh the disadvantages? (via Metafilter)

Don't Pay for a Spell to Remove the Impediment. Especially if the impediment is you! (via Strange Company)

The Army’s First Black Nurses Were Relegated to Caring for Nazi Prisoners of War. The military didn't want them, even during a nurse shortage.

Babywhale had a story about the perils of not knowing English and how her wonderful grandma rose to the occasion.

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