Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

NOVA: Making Science Cool Since 1974. Learn how the acclaimed TV series got its start.

The Real Threat To Trump Isn’t Russia, Racism, Or Incompetence. It’s Corruption.

The Story of How Darth Vader Got His Lightsaber Is Actually Pretty Normal, and That's Great.

The 1968 Kerner Commission Got It Right, But Nobody Listened. Released 50 years ago, the infamous report found that poverty and institutional racism were driving inner-city violence. 

Universal Monsters: How The Wolf Man Created The First Cinematic Universe. The character wasn't their first monster, but his 1941 film tied the rest together.

An Investigation Into the History of the Ditz Voice. While the type of vocalizations that signal "sexy but dumb" have changed a bit over time, it is always recognized by the audience.

How Wild Animals Self-Medicate. Animals have their own natural remedies, a phenomenon called zoopharmacognosy. (via Nag on the Lake)

One of the World’s Most Beautiful Castles is also a School for Wizards. Mozna Castle in Upper Silesia has a rich history and a modern incarnation as the Quatronum, a Polish version of Hogwarts.

Kidnapped by Bigfoot. Albert Ostman spent six days with a Sasquatch family, but for some reason he didn't tell his story to the public until 1957. (via Strange Company)

Against the Octopus. Octopuses are quite clever, but should we stop eating them?

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