Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

Soft Is Hard: Full Bladders and Cult TV. More strange research studies.

She was the only woman in this photo of 38 scientists. 47 years later, she’s been identified.

Self-employed people are happier and more engaged at work, study finds. I like it; the thought of punching a clock again is terrifying. (via reddit)

The YouTube series Forces of Destiny fills in the gaps between the Star Wars movies. In the latest episode, we find out how Leia first met Maz Kanata.

Exocomets Detected Orbiting Nearby Stars. In other words: alien comets! (via Phil Plait)

My Life in the American Gothic House. The rent was cheap because the house is small, is in Eldon, Iowa, and 15,000 tourists visit it every year. (via Boing Boing)

A Treasury Of Your Best Weird Grandpa Stories. After a certain age, you just don't care what people think anymore.

The Importance of Sleep. What would happen if you tried to stay awake for a whole week?

Gardening is Great. It's a wonderful way to reduce stress, connect with nature, eat better food, and even help the planet.

The earliest known recording of the work chant "Black Betty" was sing by James Iron Head Baker at a Texas prison. The history of the song is in the video description.  


gwdMaine said...

Grandpas are special aren't they. When I die, I want to go
peacefully just like my Grandfather did; in his sleep - not
screaming, like the passengers in his car.

Anonymous said...

LOL - did you see the tweet of a picture of Bramble Jam with the words Woah, black Betty above it? I laughed way harder than I should have! Earworm!

Miss Cellania said...

Yes! Well, I saw it at reddit. The comments under that sent me on a roundabout trip to the linked video.