Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Kindergarten Weather Report

Carden Corts got a kindergarten assignment to make a weather forecast video. His dad, Charlie Corts, who works in video production, helped a little. It's adorable, but wait until the subject shifts to spring break for things to really heat up! Kindergarten teachers don't grade on a curve, do they? Even without the awesome video effects, six-year-old Carden does a great job doing the weather. That kid is going places. Like reddit, where his uncle posted this video


Fester said...

Umm, the video linked here is something about saxophones . . .

Miss Cellania said...

It's working for me.

Sometimes videos get scrambled on the front page when you reload a few times, I've noticed. When that happens, try clicking on a post headline to get an isolated post.

That only happens on Blogger with YouTube videos, which are both owned by Google.