Saturday, February 03, 2018

The Category is Football

There are football fans, and there are Jeopardy! fans, and sometimes there is an overlap, but not on this day. Alex Trebek did not hesitate to scorn these nerds about their lack of gridiron savvy. I'm not surprised; I didn't know any of the answers, either. These contestants have spent years learning about authors, geography, and potent potables instead of the NFL. It's true that American football is losing ground among audiences. I read somewhere that the reasons are mainly 1. that television overall is losing its audience, and 2. concussions and brain damage. (via Tastefully Offensive)   


Bill Scheitzach said...

"The Purple People Eaters" may have taken them (the Vikings) to four Super Bowls, but they choked like they were trying to swallow whole cantaloupes when they got there.

gwdMaine said...

I remember them well which is
why I was really pulling
for them this year.

Says the born and raised in
Buffalo lifelong Bills fan.