Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

2000: When the World Went Crazy. Remembering the panic of the Y2K bug.

Why Ham Radio Fans Want to Spend Next Summer on an Island Full of Bird Poop. Baker Island is uninhabited and geographically unique.

Ridley Scott’s Very Candid Account of How He Saved All the Money in the World. A complete re-edit at lightning speed kept the film in contention for 2017 awards.

Terror-Nuggets: Winners of This Year's 15 Second Horror Film Contest. Filmmakers competed to jam dread into every second of the allotted time.

The Last Jedi Creature Designer Neal Scanlan Talks About Porgs, Fathiers, and Green Milk. The puppeteers deserve a medal for the conditions they endured during production. (via io9)

The Mystery of Who Stole One of the World’s Finest Champagnes. It was the perfect crime, still unsolved four years later.

The 100-year capitalist experiment that keeps Appalachia poor, sick, and stuck on coal.  "...untangling the knotty problems of central Appalachia holds lessons for the rest of the country about how imbalances of wealth and power, created generations ago, can trap places and their people in the past."

Don't Eat Blue Snow. (via Strange Company)

How to Survive a Fall Through the Ice. (via Nag on the Lake)

The REAL 13 Things Your Pizza Guy Won’t Tell You.


gwdMaine said...

Speaking of Y2K, what goes around, comes around:
Linux Clockpocalypse 20 years and counting. . .

And I forgot to mention - no year end can be complete
without  Dave Barry’s 2017 Year in Review

Miss Cellania said...

I looked for Dave Barry's thing, saw that it was embargoed until December 31, and then forgot about it. I see they published o the 29th, though.