Friday, February 23, 2018

Beer Chart

If The Walking Dead Theme Had Lyrics

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday night, after a three month break in the middle of season eight. If you've ever heard the show's opening theme, you know that it's not the sort of song that lends itself to lyrics. The Warp Zone took that as a challenge. The lyrics they used, if you can keep up with them, bring to mind the growing theory that our heroes are actually the bad guys of the series. Not that we'd ever root against them, but they do tend to leave a wide path of destruction in their wake. On reflection, that's to be expected. When you have a big special effects department working hard on zombies all the time, you have to reward them with the opportunity to burn things down and blow things up occasionally. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

A Beer and a Smoke. A look at early TV advertising.

The Boys Are Not All Right. On the culture of manhood and how it’s failed both men and women. (via Phil Plait)

How an Early Travel Writer Became an Immunization Pioneer. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu went to Turkey and became a fan of variolation.

How The NRA Lost Its Mind. The history of a decent organization that eventually sold its soul to the devil.

How Do Birds Learn to Sing? Singing is both instinctual and learned from other birds.

America’s Secret Ice Base Won’t Stay Frozen Forever. When the glacier hiding it is gone, environmental hazards will be exposed.

All 11 Versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Ranked. With each described in excruciating detail.

How Tennessee Became the Final Battleground in the Fight for Suffrage. The process was much dirtier than we ever learned in school.

Ishmael Beah tells what it was like to go from child soldier in Sierra Leone to high school student in New York. His classmates couldn't figure out why he was so good at paintball. (via Metafilter)

The Secret Underground Life of Newborn Meerkat Pups. Nature photographers fitted a meerkat with a camera to get a look inside.

Comfort in a Time of Tragedy

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The Safety Prance

A group of furries under the name Furs Without Suits did a parody of "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats. The video was recorded at Furnal Equinox 2013. (via Fark)

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Thursday, February 22, 2018


Traffic Encounter

A bear riding a sidecar in traffic uses sign language and asks for a horn, which he blows. You might think for a minute that this is a guy in a bear suit. I did, too. No, it's just Russia. (via reddit)


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Dancing with the Neighbors

Michael Callaghan decided it was time that he got to know his neighbors, and he came up with a genius way to do it: ask them for a favor, and make it fun! He went door to door and asked each neighbor to come over and dance with him for a music video. He didn't mention if anyone refused, but plenty of them said yes. While you're doing something  like this, you get to know their names, interests, and how friendly they are. Or at least how well they dance. When he throws a party, he'll know exactly who to invite. He's trying to start a trend with #NeighborDanceChallenge. We'll see how that goes. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

An Acid Trip with Groucho Marx. Yeah, he did LSD, at age 77.

Enjoy a truly exciting moment in cross country skiing. I am serious. 

How Four Undergrads Got the Scoop on the Unabomber. When news outlets couldn't get to Montana in time, J-school volunteers went into action.

Kottabos, the Ancient Greek Drinking Game. The skill involved was flinging wine from one's own cup at a target.

The Poor People's Campaign. “The systemic poverty and racism America faces today was not inevitable,” the statement continues. “It is the result of choices made by politicians and corporations.” (via Metafilter

How Creedence Clearwater Revival Became the Soundtrack to Every Vietnam War Movie. It's not only because those songs take you to that specific era.

Owen KC Stephens tells a wonderful story about the time an elderly British couple wanted to learn how to play a Star Wars role-playing game. They didn't know what a role-playing game was, but they knew what they were doing. (via Metafilter

These Freaky Fish Can Turn Their Eyes Into Flashlights. The triplefin is tiny, but controls its own super power.

Unauthorized Dwelling at Yale. Student Allan Kornfeld couldn't afford the dorm charges, so he lived in a campus ventilation shaft for his senior year. (via Boing Boing)

The POW Olympics of World War II.


(via Fark)

Origins of the Moonwalk

Awesome footwork going back to the dawn of the film age. Too bad we can't watch dancers from even earlier. (via Everlasting Blort)

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Perfect Wedding Gift

Dinosaur, a Film by Nathan and His Dad

Four-year-old Nathan Mezquida tells a story he made up about dinosaurs. His dad, Allen Mezquida, animated his drawings to tell it.
Nathan spends hours drawing every day, mostly dinosaurs. He also loves watching BBC documentaries about dinosaurs. Next thing I knew, we were working on this short film together. Nathan was very clear about the story he wanted to tell and how he wanted it to look. He said he wanted it to be very real, "never cartoony." I did my best to stay true to his vision.
(via Laughing Squid)

A Rubbish Door

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Where is Papa's Phone?

(YouTube link)

Papa can't find his phone. It rings, but it's not in his pockets. It's not in his car. When he walks away, no one can hear the ringing, so it must be on him somewhere. Can all the assembled family members help him find it? The best part of this video is his sense of humor about the whole thing. The mystery will be solved by the end of this video. (via Laughing Squid)

March for Our Lives

Students in Parkland, Florida, have organized a nationwide protest to push for gun control legislation after 17 of their classmates were murdered on Valentines Day. And now the donations are rolling in for March For Our Lives

They've already raised over a million dollars outside of those big celebrity donations. You can donate through their website, and if you plan to march, you might want a t-shirt to wear. Keep up with the plan's progress through Facebook or Twitter.

The students from Parkland are doing great things, although they are already confronting disappointment and attacks. Yet they are still high school students and do adorable things like this and this.


(Thanks, Charleen!)

A Han Solo Song

Han Solo: lovable rogue, smuggler, Rebellion hero, scruffy-looking nerf-herder. He had plenty of talents, and first among those was the ability to deliver a line perfectly. He did it again and again in four different films so far, with another one coming in May (albeit without Harrison Ford). Put those lines together with cadence, make them rhyme somewhat, and you've got a tribute remix from Eclectic Method. Eclectic Method (Jonny Wilson) has done quite a few of these Star Wars remixes, compiled here. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

Cigarette Butts and German Society. Scientific research that occupies a really peculiar niche.

Rey is the new Anakin. But her story will not turn out the same. (via Boing Boing)

The Bijli of the Flaming Torch. A ghost story from colonial India. (via Strange Company)   

A Black Mother's Survival Guide for Her Teenage Son. "I had to teach him it didn’t matter who was right or wrong, only that we made it out of that situation alive."

Just How Intelligent is the Alien Xenomorph? For a slimy 8-foot insect, it had some canny strategies.

Your Cortex Contains 17 Billion Computers. Our brains are much more complex than we've been told, and we have charts to explain them. (via Metafilter)

Is This The Most Crowded Island In The World? A visit to Ilet a Brouee, a micro-sample of Haiti's unnatural history.

Hilarious Guide To Dog Breeds That Will Help You Choose Your Next Dog. Comic artist Grace Gogarty captures the canine personalities you won't understand from mere pictures.

Finding a Lost Strain of Rice, and Clues to Slave Cooking. Thought gone forever, a chef stumbled across a surviving crop of hill rice in Trinidad.

29 Secrets Competitive Figure Skaters Will Never Tell You. But we found out anyway.

Research Assistant

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Sketch Helped Police Identify Robber

Police in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, were on the lookout for a suspect in the robbery of a farmer's market. A witness provided a sketch of the perpetrator, which was shown on the local TV station. The response by newscaster Ethan Forhetz is priceless. Considering he was winging the news as it came in, he kept his cool pretty well. Now, lest you think this is a police sketch, it's not. It was drawn by a witness. Yet it was enough to lead police to identify 44-year-old Hung Phuoc Nguyen, who was still on the loose at the time of the report. It turns out that police were familiar with Nguyen already, and honestly recognized him from the sketch. (via reddit)

Tweet of the Day

The students from Parkland who are speaking out against selling assault rifles to dangerous people are already paying the price.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


An Honest Trailer for Justice League

Screen Junkies looks at Justice League and tackles the question: What went wrong? They had the opportunity to improve on Batman v Superman, and try to catch the magic of Wonder Woman, but that didn't happen. They came down to three answers: the color scheme, bad CGI, the depressing heroes, and the lame villain. Oh, that's four. But there's even more in this Honest Trailer for Justice League.

Support for Stricter Gun Control at Highest Level Ever

The data is here.

Do Not Touch

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The Drunk Cat in the Hat

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A Chair at the Beach

There's a chair on the beach. Right there, by itself, with no one sitting in it. Not the kind of thing you come across every day. The smallest thing can make a man feel territorial, and raise his competitive hackles. At the same time, we have evolved the ability to calculate possible outcomes before engaging in conflict.

What's universal about the video is how well it depicts the weird stuff that goes on in our minds all the time about things that don't matter, the internal monologue that we'd never share on purpose. Or maybe that's just me. This subtly ridiculous short film is from Bridge Stuart. No, it's not a Tide ad, but it would have been a good one. (via Digg)

Miss Cellania's Links

How a Pile of Unpaid Bills Led to Washington, D.C. The new city was to be a haven from angry creditors.

Mueller’s Latest Indictment Shows Trump Has Helped Putin Cover Up a Crime.

What a fifth-grader is doing to prepare for a possible school shooting. Grab a hankie. (via Madam Jujujive)

Blind Date Horror Stories.

True Stories of How A Wrinkle in Time Inspired Female Scientists. The right book at the right time can change the world.

At the NBA All-Star Game, Fergie Performed "The Star Spangled Banner" as a Sultry Torch Song. The response was not so much outrage as it was laughter.

Hawai‘i’s Last Outlaw Hippies. They've been squatting in the Kalalau Valley for 50 years, but that's coming to an end.

The Insect That Painted Europe Red. When Conquistadors brought cochineal insects back from the Aztec empire, the color they produced made Spanish dyers rich. (via TYWKIWDBI)

New York’s Oldest Dim Sum Restaurant and the Secrets of Chinatown. Take a tour of Doyers Street, also known as Bloody Angle.

News of the Times Flashback: Pearl Harbor Attacked; FDR Doesn't Know Who Did It. 

Stand Still

(via Fark)

Alien Test Footage

Bolaji Badejo played the Xenomorph in the 1979 movie Alien. Here he is practicing his moves without the costume, just the mask. It's just as creepy as the final production. (via reddit)

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Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones

Monday, February 19, 2018

Small Town News Can Be Intriguing

Dolly Said No To Elvis

Dolly Parton is an acclaimed singer, yet few outside the country music world know her as a songwriter. If she had never sung a note, she'd be a rich woman for a little tune called "I Will Always Love You." Dolly recorded the song and took it to #1 in 1974 and then again in 1982. And you probably remember how well it did in 1992 when Whitney Houston sang it in the movie The Bodyguard. But when the song was still fresh, she was approached by one Colonel Tom Parker about Elvis Presley recording the song she wrote. Dolly said no. Mark Levin wrote and performed a little song about the incident, with charming stop-motion animation by Heather Colbert. Why did Dolly turn down the offer? According to Wikipedia:
When the 1974 recording of the song was reaching number one on the country charts, Elvis Presley indicated that he wanted to cover the song. Parton was interested until Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, told her that it was standard procedure for the songwriter to sign over half of the publishing rights to any song Elvis recorded.[15] Parton refused. She recalls:

I said, 'I'm really sorry,' and I cried all night. I mean, it was like the worst thing. You know, it's like, Oh, my God … Elvis Presley.' And other people were saying, 'You're nuts. It's Elvis Presley.' ...I said, 'I can't do that. Something in my heart says, 'Don't do that. And I just didn't do it... He would have killed it. But anyway, so he didn't. Then when Whitney [Houston's version] came out, I made enough money to buy Graceland.[16]
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Spider-Man Dances!

Spider-Man doesn't spend all his time fighting crime. Every once in a while, he has to go out and pick up a few things at the store. And if there's a good song playing, he gets the urge to dance! YouTuber Ghetto Spider put on a show for other shoppers, who all pulled out their phones because no one would believe this otherwise. (via mille batson)‏


Miss Cellania's Links

The Uber Tuber. The distinguished history of the potato.

America Is Under Attack and the President Doesn't Care. His only reaction to anything is how it affects him personally.

Five Surprising Things DNA Has Revealed About Our Ancestors. Our genes are largely the result of travel and intermingling.

The Well-Dressed Suffragist. A true capitalist can see the value in any political movement if there is enough money to be made from it. (via Strange Company)

What We're Still Not Teaching Kids About Consent.

How a urine test after back surgery triggered a $17,800 bill.

Waking a sleeping rabbit with an air horn. (via reddit)

The Presidential Portrait That Was the “Ugliest Thing” LBJ Ever Saw. (The artist did not take that comment kindly.)

In the game Robot Mind Meld, the object is to come up with the same word as a robot in as few steps as possible. Keep in mind that the robot is not as intuitive as you are. (via Metafilter

The Father Of Artistic Figure Skating. It was all about making a perfect figure 8 on the ice until Jackson Haines came along.


(via Fark)

The Cabin

If you love the idea of the wilderness, enjoy thissong from Ylvis.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Meanwhile, at the Olympics


Beginner vs. Winner

The German TV show Beginner gegen Gewinner (Beginner vs. Winner) pairs an amateur with a professional in athletic competition. The pro must perform with some kind of handicap. In this case, professional long jumper Alyn Camara is wearing a T-rex costume. The participants are taking this way too seriously, but it's all worth it to see the T-rex bounding down the ramp to make his jump. Also see a women's footrace and men's table tennis. (via reddit)

Wasting Time

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Tall Man Goes to the Movies

I've been going to the theater more often now that I can buy a $5 senior ticket, but Pillsbury was confronted with buying $12 tickets for Black Panther Friday night. What to do? He and a friend decided to try the old 2-for-1 deal by impersonating a tall man in a trench coat. The ticket seller didn't buy it, but the hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets was worth the effort. You can see a longer video here, but you'll have to put it in full-screen mode to see it. (via The Daily Dot)


(via Buzzfeed)

Turning a Car Into a Computer Mouse

For her latest weird tech project, Simone Giertz teamed up with William Osman to modify her tiny electric car, Cheese Louise. They turned it into a computer mouse. The aim is to draw a picture on a computer screen by driving the car. What you might need to know is that Giertz only recently got her driver's license, and the car is around 30 years old. So the picture isn't all that much, but the project was a success and the video is entertaining. Osman's video about the project goes into more detail about how they did it, and it's funny, too, but longer. 

The story of how Giertz came to own such a ridiculous car is here. (via The Awesomer)

Are You A Cat?

(via Fark)

42,000 Match Sphere Gets Lit

I've actually thought about the curves and a possible sphere when playing with matches. But it's been long time since I've played with matches, and I never had enough free time to amass this many matches and put this experiment into action. YouTuber All Is Art did it
What happens when you start gluing matches together? Because the heads are slightly wider than the wooden bodies, they begin to form a sphere. This was an experiment in how many matches it would take to get all the way around to make a perfect globe. After months of gluing and gluing and gluing we made it to the other side.
The answer is 42,000, give or take a few matches. What do you do with this sphere afterward? Light it up, of course! Don't let the length of this video deter you- that all happens in the first three minutes. Then we get to see it from all angles, then in slow motion. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

That's What You Get

Dancing Cougar

How do you make a dance team's routine much cooler? Put a tented dancer in an animal costume! We learned that watching the cheerleader wearing a T-rex costume for Halloween. So watch the BYU Cougarettes get upstaged by the mascot Cosmo Cougar at a football game last fall. They're all excellent dancers, but who can resist a dancing wild cat in football uniform? (via reddit)

Where Do You Draw the Line?

(via reddit)

Animal Gaits

Four-legged animals have six different ways of walking, our at least most of them do, that are illustrated in this animation. I was surprised to see how a dog uses his left and right legs together in both front and back in the slower gaits. I had assumed that they usually worked the opposite way, as in the trot. There are exceptions, like my three-legged dog who just does the best she can, and my neighbor's dog who doesn't walk at all as far as I can tell -he just sits on the porch. (via Boing Boing)

It's About Time

(via BroBible)

Simon's Cat Logic: Territorial Behavior

The newest episode of Simon's Cat Logic looks at how cats define, mark, and defend their territory. Animator and cat lover Simon Tofield gets the lowdown from cat expert Nicky Treverrow of Cat's Trust. We get to meet Jazz, real cat who became a rival for Simon's Cat in his cartoons. The informational part is only five and a half minutes long, followed by some classic Simon's Cat cartoons. 


(via Fark)

Cat Communication

What do I want? Stupid hoomans, can't you figure it out? I'm standing here next to my food dish. I only come to this spot for food. But I'm not eating; I'm staring at you. Why? Because my food dish is empty! Can't you see? Do I need to point it out to you? Okay. Again. Again. Stupid hoomans! (via Michael Leavitt)

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Friday, February 16, 2018


The Evolution of Movies

Take a trip down memory lane as we zip through the best movies in history, starting with The Great Train Robbery from 1902 and continuing to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! It's not just one movie per year, because some years were very good for film. We've come a long way, but aren't you glad we still have what came before? The movies in this video are listed here. (via Tastefully Offensive)


(via reddit)


Miss Cellania's Links

From Batcave to Ivory Tower. Will Brooker talks about getting a PhD in Batman.

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Dog.

The Evolution of Marvel’s Black Panther. Introduced in 1966, the character hits the big screen this weekend.

The Very Real History of Death Stars. Germany, the Soviet Union, and the U.S. have all drawn up plans for weaponized satellites.

The Karate Kid gets a modern makeover with Cobra Kai. Daniel and Johnny will revive their unresolved conflicts as older adults in the YouTube Red series.

4 Laws That Could Stem the Rising Threat of Mass Shootings. Except we won't be able to enforce the laws we have now

How the “Heart Balm Racket” Convinced America That Women Were Up to No Good. Sensational cases of gold diggers meant the end of breach of promise lawsuits.

Here’s All 290 Star Wars Movies Officially in Production Right Now. At this rate, we shouldn't be surprised that Jar Jar's dad gets his own film.

What Europe's Oldest Wine Tells Us About Ancient Sicilians. Samples hidden in a cave thousands of years ago hold clues to their everyday lives.

Onion editor who coined ‘No way to prevent this’ headline lives near Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Wednesday was the seventh time they've published the same article, with only the location and number of victims changed. 


(via Fark)

Cats and Dogs

I don't know why cartoons would have us believe that dogs chase cats. In the real world, dogs are usually afraid of cats, as this video evidence shows us. This is a compilation of clips of cats and dogs who live together and get along well ...or not. (via Metafilter

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Should Have Known Better

Burglary Fail in Shanghai

Police in Shanghai have released security footage of a crime in progress. It we non viral on Chinese social media, not because people wanted to help solve the crime, but because the perpetrators are the very definition of dumb criminals. They want to break into a storefront, so they chuck bricks at the window, which is probably Plexiglass. That was a mistake. Forget calling the police, these folks need an ambulance! (via reddit)


(via reddit)

Every Best Cinematography Winner Ever

The Oscar for Best Cinematography goes to whichever movie was judged to have displayed the best camera work over the preceding year. To show us what kind of movies the Academy likes for this award, Burger Fiction put together a supercut of all the winners from 1929 to 2017, plus the nominees for this year's Academy Awards. I would bet you've seen most all of them. There's a list of the all the movies used in this video here, along with the names of the cinematographers. 

That's No Moon

(via b3ta)

Vintage "Rasputin"

Alexey Rom programmed a century-old Marenghi Organ to play the disco hit "Raputin" by Boney-M. This 81-key organ was built in 1905. My piano is older than that, but mine will never be in tune again. (via Boing Boing)

Miss Cellania's Links

Jerry Lewis in The Bellboy. It wasn't a typical Jerry Lewis movie, but it worked.

Making Artificial Earthquakes with a Four-Ton Steel Ball. Get out of the way when it's dropped in the name of science!

The Mysterious Murder Case That's Captivated Iceland for Nearly 200 Years.

Why a simple, lifesaving rabies shot can cost $10,000 in America.

These Gender-Nonconforming People Are Building a Safe Haven on an Appalachian Farm. (via The Week)

The Incinerator House. Artist Ron Fleming turned an abandoned industrial structure into a home and a work of art. (Thanks, hearsetrax!)

Why Adam Rippon Didn’t Win. He finished behind two competitors who fell because of the complicated math of figure skating.

Was Young Luke Skywalker a Selfless Hero or a Freeloader? Luke took advantage of the Rebel Alliance in using an X-wing or two as his personal vehicle, but a commenter refutes that argument in style.

How Many Calories Winter Olympians Consume. The events of the Winter Games vary widely in how much energy they require.

Over 130 Top White House Officials Didn't Have Full Security Clearance. And they thought a private email server was risky. 


(via reddit)

I Want to Take You Higher

Watching Tina and the Ikettes shimmying in those high heels makes me tired. This performance from Ike and Tia Turner was an Italian TV appearance in 1971.

Tweet of the Day

Flame reminds me of my orange and white cat Apollo. He looks just like this, plus he's super large and super friendly to strangers.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Patient Awakes from Anesthesia, Proposes to Nurse

Paris Ferguson had a car wreck last year and broke her arm. They gave her some good drugs at the hospital, since they didn't know what other injuries she had. As she came out of surgery and woke up, all her inhibitions fell away, and she proposed to the cute nurse, Luke, who was tending to her. Luke alternated between laughing and blushing. Paris later made a video telling the whole story, which is pretty long. (via Digg)

Valentine Sign

(via reddit)

Valentines from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

I fell down a Twitter rabbit hole with all the Star Wars Valentines. Some are worth sharing! I am particularly drawn to any that make a pun, which is a bunch of them.

A Love Poem

From Matt Sloan of Blame Society Productions.

Miss Cellania's Links

Improbable Research Review: Microwaves, Human Fat, and Don Juan.

10 Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes Awkwardly Romantic Enough For Valentine's Day. The series tackled romance often, but it often ended up as comedy.

The Saint We Call Valentine. There were three Valentines, none of whom had anything to do with the holiday as we know it.

A rundown of how the current administration's policies are affecting the LGBT community. And then this came out.    

This Prolific Nerd Is Shaping the Future of Wikipedia. Steven Pruitt has made over two million edits to the site, more than anyone else in its history.

From the Green Book to Facebook, how black people still need to outwit racists in rural America

An Optical Illusion Makes This Robotic Doodler Appear to Draw Faster Than It Moves. It's actually only drawing faster than the camera records.

The Ski Pole That Norway Will Never Forget. The moment Oddvar Bra's ski pole broke during a cross-country relay in 1982 is an enduring touchstone for the nation.

Abraham Lincoln's Secret Visits to Slaves. The president became a fictional metaphor in the folklore of emancipation.

Reddit Terrorizes Another Teen, This Time Over the Bitcoin App She Created. And you wonder why more women don't go into tech careers. (via Boing Boing)


Valentine Roses

Teen Girl Squad Valumtines

Valentines Day, Homestar Runner style.

Tweet of the Day

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Robot Skiing

If you are growing bored waiting for the skilled Olympic skiers in PyeongChang to crash and fall, you need to switch gears and watch the robot skiing event! While robots may be pretty good at driving us around and waging war, skiing is still beyond most of them. 
The video comes from the Ski Robot Challenge in South Korea outside of PyeongChang 2018 yesterday. This week’s robot ski event was held at the Welli Hilli resort in Hoenseong, about an hour’s drive from the actual Olympic games.

And there are few things funnier than robots falling down. The last DARPA Robotics Challenge in 2015 was great for robot fail videos and GIFs. But humanity has largely been deprived of hilarious robotic failures in the past couple of years. We’ve mostly been faced with the terrifying reality of robot backflips and super-human agility.
This is great on so many levels. We can enjoy the slapstick aspect without worrying about painful injuries. We can laugh at the attempts to make these robots resemble human skiers without getting it quite right. Most importantly, we can comfort ourselves about the ability of killer robots to catch us in the snow during the robot uprising.

Romantic Gift Idea

The Sound of Ice Singing

On the lake called Lissma Kvarnsjö near Stockholm, a brave man skates on new ice that is only a couple of inches thick (45mm). The ice sings and groans and echoes as he glides along. Those who've done this say that the skater doesn't hear much of this, that it takes some distance for the sound to reverberate properly. The eerie sounds are generated by a phenomenon called acoustic dispersion. There's a neat explanation in this video. In case you are simply disappointed that he never fell through the ice, you'll be rewarded by watching this clip.  (via Digg)

Hey, Buddy, Got a Light?

Imagine someone asks if you have a light and you whip out a flammenwerfer. This image initiated an argument at reddit about whether this is a flammenwerfer or a zigarettenanzünder, which is odd because obviously they are using a flammenwerfer as a zigarettenanzünder.

The photograph was taken by Alexander Zertsalov, who has an entire gallery of a Russian reenactment of a World War II battle. But there is some historical evidence that such a thing happened. (via reddit)  

Cautionary Tales

When you were a kid making faces, your mother might have told you that your face could freeze like that, and you'd have to live with it forever. That's exactly what happened to Aaron in Cautionary Tales.

But the story isn't entirely about him. Aaron goes to a support group for people who have to wear their young indiscretions for the world to see. How many different cautionary tales can you identify? They will be revealed during the credits. The moral of the story is that you should always listen to your mother. (via Metafilter)

Tooth Brush

Musical Spider

Animator Joshua Slice is single-handedly making people fall in love with a spider. Or is it his nephew Lucas, who does the voice of of Lucas the spider? In the latest episode of Lucas' adventures, he tells of his aspirations. He wants to be a musician when he grows up! And for that, we get a little song. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Story of Honest Abe’s Family Tree. What happened to President Lincoln's descendants?

The Alt-Right is Killing People. More links here

Figure Skating Jumps, Explained. We all become experts for two weeks every four years, so we might need to brush up on what's happening on the ice.

Thank These Master Alchemists for the Magic of Alcohol. Distilled spirits are a product of the Islamic Golden Age.

Meet the Women Who Led the Klondike Gold Rush. The northern frontier enticed those looking for riches, freedom, and adventure.

Candidate Ejected From West Virginia House Floor for Listing Lawmakers’ Oil and Gas Donors. Here's what she was going to say. Lissa Lucas is running for a spot in the House of Delegates.   

What Kurt Vonnegut Can Teach Us About Coping with the Internet. Our online footprints exist forever, like time-traveling aliens.

Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany Hensel are Now Fifth Grade Math Teachers. While student may expected two different perspective, the sisters are perfectly in sync.

The Orangeburg Massacre. Two years before the infamous Kent State shooting, a Civil Rights demonstration on the campus of South Carolina State College led to the deaths of Samuel Hammond, Delano Middleton, and Henry Smith, all age 18. 

Admiral Ackbar's Final Repose.