Monday, December 04, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Coming of (Old) Age. How different societies in history treated their elderly folks.

The Incontrovertible Evidence. Tom Tomorrow posted this back in June, but it's relevant now.

Feast Your Eyes on Some of the Year’s Best Wildlife Photography. The British Ecological Society presents rhinos and tigers and bears, oh my!

He Took Opioids To Manage His Chronic Pain. When His Doctors Took Them Away, He Didn’t Want To Live Anymore.

Why Countries Are Racing to the Moon Again. A half-dozen nations are considering a lunar mission in their long-range plans.

When a City and a Bishop Went to War Over Beer. In 1380, the city of Wrocław didn't want to give up their monopoly on beer profits.

Cinema’s Greatest Scene: Casablanca and "La Marseillaise." It compels you to weep with patriotism for a country you don't belong to.

Bill Young is a corporate pilot, but he's also a photographer. The confluence of those two activities led him a unique hobby: documenting hotel carpets around the world in pictures.

Chanukah Americana: One Family's Search for the Perfect Menorah. Lori and David Moore didn't really mean to start a collection, but they now have more 150 of menorahs, all different.

On Mavis Staples' new album If All I Was Was Black. "If you’ve pissed off Mavis Staples, then you’re doing something seriously wrong." (via Metafilter)

9 Flowcharts to Help You Navigate the Christmas Season. Because you need a laugh to go along with all the festive activities.

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