Friday, December 15, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

10 Songs Inspired by Real Women.  And the stories behind them.

Republicans Just Sold Out the Internet. Now What?

The Man Who Killed Santa Claus. No one died, but children were traumatized for life in Arizona in 1932.

How Glow-in-the-Dark Jellyfish Inspired a Scientific Revolution. The story of the discovery of green fluorescent protein.

Ranking America’s Top 10 Chain Restaurants. When you're on the road for the holidays, you'll know what to expect for dinner.

Meet the Most Toxic Plant in North America. Whatever you do, do not eat the spotted water hemlock.

Why Millennials are Facing the Scariest Financial Future of Any Generation Since the Great Depression. Being born in the wrong year has consequences that last a lifetime.

How Titanic’s Iconic Necklace Almost Sank an Entire Company. The J. Peterman Company was the only officially licensed producer of the Heart of the Ocean.

Sexual Harassment Training Doesn’t Work. But Some Things Do

13 Weird and Wonderful Gingerbread Houses. You can make anything from imagination and royal icing.

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newton said...

Eric Clapton's song Layla was written about Pattie Boyd, George Harrison's wife. Eric later ended up marrying Pattie Boyd.

Mental Floss actually lists 10 songs that were written about her: