Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Idiot's Guide to Japanese Squat Toilets

Chef Jun Yoshizuki and his wife Rachel give us westerners some tips about confronting squat toilets, which are found all over Asia. Watch as Rachel suffers from STSD- Squat Toilet Stress Disorder. This does not have to be you! A little knowledge ahead of time will help you avoid falling in, losing your phone and money in the toilet, peeing all over the floor, or injuring yourself.

Learning to squat properly is good for your health, too, and will undo a lot of the damage to our bodies from sitting all day. With a little practice, we'll all be able to do away with chairs altogether (yeah, right). (via Viral Viral Videos)

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John M said...

Very funny, can't wait to show my wife.
Is it OK to credit you and show on my blog?