Friday, November 03, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Gun That Made the Twenties Roar. The story of the Thompson submachine gun.

The Twisted, Ever-Morphing Timeline Of The Ties Between Donald Trump And Russia.

The Women Miners in Pants Who Shocked Victorian Britain.   

An interesting group: Patriotic Millionaires.

The History of Telephone Area Codes. There was a logical system for assigning them back in the 1940s.

The Story of a Little Old House. Kate Wagner moved from an apartment to a 100-year-old row house, and looked into how people managed to move all their belonging 100 years ago.

Why We Still Call Them Bodice Rippers. Historical romance needs a new and more accurate term to describe a genre that has changed.

This Professor Helped His Student Ask Someone Out On A Date And Now People Are Taking Notes. They used Aristotle's Rhetorical Triangle, and it worked!

The Military's Unsung Native American Heroes. They make up a proportionally huge number of veterans and those actively serving.

How Woolly Sweaters are Made. From sheep-shearing to the final product.

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jane martin said...

Time for me to start using Aristotle's triangle in my life!