Thursday, November 02, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Animal Oddity Research Review. Fish that do math, lizards that watch TV, and giraffes that may or may not float.

Berkeley Breathed explains the Trump-Russia connection. Read the comments for alternative theories that are almost as stupid.

How the Denver Airport Became an Icon of the Illuminati. Airport officials deny the urban legends, but don't bother fighting them all that much.

The Sticky, Untold Story of Cinnabon. How one local bakery became the aroma of malls nationwide.

How 16th-Century European Mapmakers Described the World’s Oceans. With the knowledge of the New World continents, they figured out how much of the earth is water.

The Legendary Murder of Hex Hollow. The 1928 Thanksgiving Day killing of Nelson D. Rehmeyer was committed in order to remove a curse.

When You Die, You'll Probably Be Embalmed. You can thank Abraham Lincoln for that.

One Step is Higher Than the Others in Section 9C at This College Sports Stadium. So of course, someoone had to record everyone who tripped going up.

Scientists Identify a Whole New Way of Catching Prey: Kleptopredation. That means eating another animal to get what that animal just ate.

8 Unusually Large Musical Instruments. From a 15-foot flute to harnessing the sounds of an ocean.

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