Monday, November 06, 2017

Basset Hound Is Unlikely Sheep Dog

A basset hound named Lady has proven to be quite a sheepdog, to the surprise of her owner. It's not that Lady puts her best efforts to the task -she doesn't even realize her talents. The sheep just like her, and will follow her anywhere.
Michael Jobson, 29, adopted three-year-old Lady three years ago before discovering by accident that the sheep at his Gamlingay, Cambs, farm have an inexplicable urge to follow her. Hilarious footage shows the oblivious dog wandering around in a field on multiple occasions, as dozens of sheep traipse after her, hanging on her every movement. Lady has proved to have such an innate but unusual rapport with the sheep that Michael and his partner Fiona Morton, 37, are planning to use her talents to assist their full-time sheepdog Tom.
(via Tastefully Offensive)

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