Thursday, September 14, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Axman’s Jazz: The Axeman of New Orleans. The weird series of gruesome murders was never solved.

Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All.

The 25 Best Space Movies, Ranked. Sadly, only two of them are based on true stories.

6 Reasons Good People Turn Into Monsters

How to Harvest Honey. Even if you'd never consider doing it yourself, watch the fascinating way beekeepers do it.

The new iPhone X will use facial recognition to unlock your phone. That raises a question: Can police use your face to unlock it for a search?

The Peculiar Poetry of Paris’s Lost and Found. For over 200 years, the city's Bureau of Found Objects has been dedicated to reuniting possessions with their rightful owners. (via Metafilter)

Productivity Hacks to Rule Kindergarten Like a Silicon Valley Boss. Inspiration, motivation, and industry jargon is the secret to back-to-school! (via Swiss Miss)

A Nun With a Chainsaw Becomes the Symbol Of Post-Irma Cleanup. Sister Margaret Ann's can-do attitude is what Florida needs.

How Alexander Hamilton's House Got Moved. It was hemmed in on all sides, so they raised it up 38 feet! 


gwdMaine said...

Sadly, the Best Space Movies list is... sad. Where
in the world are Outland and First Men in the Moon?
Spaceballs, Space Jam and SpaceCamp apparently made
the list only because they have the word 'Space' in
their titles.

I vote that from now on, all "xx Best xx of all time"
lists be completed by people whose minimum age is 50.

Of course then in this case we would had Barbarella,
Queen of Outer Space and Santa Clause Conquers the
Martians, but hey, I could live with that.

Spaceballs, Space Jam and SpaceCamp? Seriously?

Bill Scheitzach said...

I was looking for 1969's "Marooned", based on the 1964 Martin Caidin book of the same name.  Although the book was originally written as fiction during the early, single-man 'Project Mercury' days of American space exploration, the film — which was released in December 1969, less than five months after the first successful lunar landing — had its plot updated to incorporate the current three-man 'Apollo' spacecraft.  And even though it was originally a fictional film about three astronauts marooned in orbit as the result of a catastrophic failure of the spacecraft's engine, it proved to be eerily prophetic with regard to the actual events that occurred barely four months later in April 1970 on board the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission.

Miss Cellania said...

Oh, I recall that movie well! I even remember reading the marquee out loud as the family drove past (I was a kid) "Marooned with Gregory Peck" and my Dad says, "The old maid's dream!"