Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Spiders, Fear, and Size. Scientific research into how people are terrified of big spiders.

Evacuate for hurricane, lose your job.

When Disaster Strikes, the Zoo Must Go On. Feeding exotic animals under special circumstances takes careful planning and creative logistics.

When Europeans Killed Others to Kill Themselves. It was a form of suicide by religious loophole.

Address Twins are two houses that have the exact same street address, usually in different towns. Paul Plowman searched for address twins that were close to each other, and found one pair that are next door neighbors!

Watch civil forfeiture in action, as a cop gives a ticket for selling food without permit, then takes all the cash out of the guy's wallet

Cougars are the biggest species of cats that meow rather than roar. You'll be forgiven if the first "meow" sounds more like "hi!" to you.

11 Band Names that Don't Mean What You Think They Do. The real stories behind them are far more interesting.

Undercover in Temp Nation. This is how we do jobs these days. (via Metafilter)

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Barbwire said...

Thanks for the cats! They're beautiful and cute and funny. Loved them.