Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Handwashing Research Review.

5 Well-Meaning Rules New Parents Will See Blown To Hell.

Economists still can’t decide whether the minimum wage is a good thing.

The Tater Tot Is American Ingenuity at Its Finest. What was once cattle feed became an American classic.

A Short History of Fire Marks, The World’s Hottest Insurance-Related Antiques. They designated which private fire brigade might respond to your burning building.

Jack Kirby: Comics' Greatest Storyteller. He helped to elevated comic books from child's play to real entertainment.

The Day Van Gogh Cut Off His Ear. Read Paul Gauguin's account of that night and the aftermath.

What Would Aliens Look Like? Four scientists tell what they expect from real extraterrestrial life.

11 Cool, Funny or Just Plain Strange Patents for Back to School. One even made a middle-schooler wealthy.

11 Gross Things That Could Be On Your Toothbrush. Disinfect that thing, or better yet, replace it.

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