Monday, August 28, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Dumb Crooks of the Old West. The Dalton Gang's last robbery was an exercise in incompetence. 

"Trump doesn’t know anything or really believe anything about any topic beyond himself, because he has no interest in any topic beyond himself; his evident cognitive decline and hyperactive laziness and towering monomania ensure that he will never again learn a new thing in his life."

How Would We Pay Interstellar Workers? A contract signed today may not be worth much when they return in twenty years.

The Neapolitan "Kindergarten Ship." For 15 years in the early 20th century, poverty-stricken Italian boys as young as six could better themselves by going to sea on the ship Caracciolo.  

How Terminator 2: Judgment Day Changed the Blockbuster Game. Making a sequel when the main characters already died was a fairly new concept.

My Hero Grandmother Who Escaped An Arranged Marriage. She sailed to America by herself at age 13. (via Metafilter)

How to Sell a Frank Lloyd Wright House. And why you might not want to buy one. 

Why Obamacare didn't implode. Every county in the US now has at least one insurance option available through the ACA exchanges.

It Wasn't Always Easy to Determine Whether a Person was Dead. A case from 1702 chronicles how doctors tried to revive a man with procedures that were tantamount to torture. (via Strange Company)

The Socialism America Needs Now.


joel hanes said...

My hometown has several Frank Lloyd Wright houses, a carefully-restored Frank Lloyd Write hotel, and several other Prairie School structures designed by FLW's students and followers.

They are almost all plagued by chronic roof leaks and water damage.
The flat roofs and long planes in the designs inevitably lead water from one place to another, without giving it a direct route to the ground.

Miss Cellania said...

Yeah, there's a house in my neighborhood that has changed hands several times in the last ten years. You can tell why by looking at it -a flat roof.

It's not an FLW house, but looks from about the same era, maybe inspired by.

Mike Flores said...

I saw the socialism article, Che killed 150 Priests and nuns in one night, so I am not sure it is a good propaganda idea to have his picture on the top of the page. He also plotted to bomb New York City on the day after Thanksgiving, when women and children traditionally in the 1960's went to shop. The confusingly in the writers opening paragraph he stated he quit SDS because it became a terrorist group. Killing nuns, priests, children and moms is not terrorist?
I was a head of SDS and organizer until 1975. The group never became a terrorist group. He is referring to 50 people who left the SDS convention called the Weathermen. There were 2000 representatives at that convention. The organization did not follow the 50.
By the way, I am friends with the Red Squad member that spied on me back then ( a secret group within the police force Democrats used to spy and harass people against LBJ's war) and I am pals with the 2 CIA agents assigned to watch me from 1982 on when I helped organize The Church Of the Subgenius. ( You can find my name in the first book).
I tried to get my files from the Freedom Of Info Act, was told there were 5000 plus pages. This was just on me until 1975. But these pages weren't the files. They were listings of all the files I was in.There were literally tens of thousands of files and I couldn't afford to pay for the printouts of all those.
I know of what I speak. Socialism is the belief the state can control the economy. Take a look at the debt Democratic cities are in. Hell, the party is broke right now, while Trump raised $150 million for the GOP warchest and an additional $70 million used in the special elections in places like Georgia. Democrats are scrambling and will not be ready to spend on midterms.
the reistence has been a failure on a scale unimaginable.

gwdMaine said...

But Che does sure look cool does he not? The Left has
always been the great communicator using words and
symbols which the Right has been unable to challenge
or compete with. The left also owns the moral high
ground to the point where they now control what is
“right” and what is “wrong”.

Gentleman by the name of Ian Buruma published a book a
few years back: Year Zero: A History of 1945

If it was up to me, it would be required reading in
high school.