Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

Beard Research Review.

How a 19th century nude painting became a feminist meme. The title, “Truth Coming Out Of Her Well To Shame Mankind,” says it all.

When Restaurants Had Personality. (Thanks, Tim!)

What made the legendary Civil war submarine the Hunley sink? It won the battle, but its eight-man crew died anyway.

The Socialite Who Hid in a Dingy Hotel Room for 24 Years. The mysterious Ida Wood retired from the public to live only with her sisters and her fortune.

How Not Getting Enough Sleep Makes You Gain Weight. A new study shows that people who get only six hours of sleep have bigger waistlines.

Dungeons and Doggos is all the cute you need today. The Twitter web comic imagines how canines would negotiate a game of D&D.

What Exactly is Bubble Gum Flavor? Gum makers use a mixture of flavors that we can't easily separate and identify.

My daughter's teachers stood up to my helicopter parenting. I'm so glad they did.

41 Brand Names People Use as Generic Terms. That's what a company gets for being either the first or the biggest.

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Ken D said...

The most famous lost one:Aspirin (Bayer)