Saturday, August 12, 2017

Can You Solve the Fish Riddle?

Here's another TED-Ed brain bender that can ruin your evening. I actually tried for a little while to solve the puzzle on my own, but I got bogged down and went for the answer. Yeah, there's math involved, as well as logic, which is why I got bogged down. Even if you don't try to figure it out by yourself, the story turns out to be kinda cute, with endangered species, sharks, and a submarine. (via Laughing Squid)

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Don said...

I like their solution with a table.

I came up with an algebraic formula, with 2 variables, fish tanks and sharks. Solving the formula, would give me the number of fish per tank. I set up an Excel Spreadsheet for the possible numbers of tanks and sharks and where it came up with an integer value for the number of fish, I had my answer.

My formula? Fish per tank = (44-(Sharks in Gamma))/(6 + (tanks in Gamma))

5 sharks, 7 tanks, came out 3 fish per tank.

Same answer, but their table works better if you don't have a computer and spreadsheet to do it on.