Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Remember to Defend


Anonymous said...

That's not funny, I know a kid who should have just obeyed orders and he'd still be alive today.

gwdMaine said...

"That's not funny [someone] died . . ."

is a satirical catch-all way to shut somebody down.
It is descended from old pull-back jokes such as:
"That's not funny! My grandfather died in Auschwitz!"
"Oh god, I'm so sorry!" "Yeah, he fell off the guard tower."

Once it found its way to the internet, all the
unnecessary stuff such as setup and punchline were
removed and it was retooled for chan humour which
consists of simply saying the same thing over and over.
In other words, it was neatly transformed from an ill-
advised and decades-old joke into...
well, the above basically, but without the joke.

It's mostly used guilt people into apologizing when they
make fun of school shootings. Someone will say
'I thought Virginia Tech was hilarious' to which
someone will respond; 'THAT'S NOT FUNNY. MY
BROTHER DIED THAT WAY' to which the troll
will receive his much deserved lulz.

A detailed NSFW overview can be found at
Encyclopedia Dramatica

Anonymous said...

That's not funny, I know a kid who dies from over-explaining jokes.

Bill Scheitzach said...

Hey, anonymous .... KMA.