Frontier Women. Some of them stood out from the crowd.

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People around the world don't like or trust Trump. Here's why that matters

Deportation a ‘Death Sentence’ to Adoptees After a Lifetime in the U.S. 

Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways. We're pretty good at deception, but not so good at detecting it.

This new game tests your ability to spot fake news—and it’s not as easy as you’d think. However, Factitious will help you to distinguish between who to trust and who not to trust on the internet. (via The Daily Dot)

The Strange Tale of Two Irishmen Who Fought for Hitler. For them, it was the easiest way out of the POW camp.

Mary Katherine Goddard was the brave printer who made copies of the Declaration of Independence for the colonies, and put her full name on the document. That could have gotten her killed if the Revolutionary War had ended differently. (via Metafilter)

Nightmarish Crocodile Relative Terrorized Dinosaurs in Prehistoric Madagascar. The newly-named Razanandrongobe sakalavae was a land predator that ate dinosaurs for breakfast.

Sally Hemings' Room Uncovered at Monticello. (via Atlas Obscura