Thursday, July 13, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

"My Name is Forrest Gump": The Forrest Gump Story. The movie no one thought would work ended up as a classic.

The Deep Industry Ties of Trump’s Deregulation Teams.

10 Things From Around the World With the Names of U.S. States.

B3ta's current image challenge is called Product Horror, in which the goal is to combine a horror film with an advertisement for some other product. Some of the images may be NSFW. 

A Few Things to Know About American Sign Language. It takes more than just your hands to get your message across.

The internet is pulling for a couple who have been Tinder chatting for three years. Even though they live on the same campus, they've yet to meet.

The National Park That Was Stolen to Death. Find out why you've never heard of Fossil Cycad National Monument.

The Strange and Righteous History of the Equals Sign. Robert Recorde opened the door for math to have its own language, which is understood by people all over the world.

Scientists Discover the Secret Behind Incredible Ant Towers. They actually fed radioactive iodine to some of the ants in order to track them by X-ray.

80-Person Human Chain Rescues Ten from Riptide. Now that's what you call teamwork!

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